Confidentiality Agreement

" However, according to Skuratovskyi, such costs recouped, since the availability of the job description allows you to increase productivity by 20-30%. Leave not in a good "divorce" with the former employee does not always end well. Many entrepreneurs know the situation when, leaving the company, the employee divulge almost all its trade secrets. Or, worse yet, leaving to competitors, giving them all their savings in the previous job information, the nature of the business. Many countries have long recognized the need to provide in law for obligations of staff against former employers.

And in addition to employment contracts are concluded two agreements – not to disclose confidential information that became available during the employment relationship, and the prohibition work for competitors for a certain period (usually a year – two) after the completion of the employment relationship. Such agreements allow employers with staff to feel more secure. According to a recent survey, U.S. 49% of employers are always conclude agreements on the prohibition to work for a competitor after termination of employment, while another 26% enter into such agreements only with certain employees. As the lawyers consulting Company Protect your business' need to hedge is when receiving an employee.

For this case, the organization must be of paper, which govern the relationship between the manager (owner) of the company and the employee. Such documents are internal acts of the company: An employment contract (contract), job description, the Regulation on Commercial Secrets, Confidentiality Agreement of trade secrets, Regulation on the Procedure of work with customer instructions and record keeping, etc. Lawyers note that, by hiring new employees are encouraged to familiarize them with the aforementioned internal documents of the company before signing an employment contract. If an organization such securities do not, they must develop, adopt the order and receive written confirmation of familiarizing staff with them. In this case, the provisions contained in the documents should be the one hand, to protect the interests of the company, on the other – do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, therefore, to avoid such discrepancies should be referred to specialists. And finally the main, in our opinion, advice. Specialists Personnel Center, "UNITY" note that the organization in which an atmosphere of openness and trust, much less at risk of fraud by employees, than that which dominated the secrecy fear, distrust and authoritarianism. I agree with this assertion and ceo of pharmaceutical company "ONYX pharm Elena Schmidt:" The fact is that in a company where employees are under pressure, there is no certainty tomorrow. In such organizations there is a risk that employees will privorovyvat for a rainy day. " These words are true for any organization. After all, if the staff and the employer will pursue common goals, they protected from each other simply do not need.

Total Organized

Partnerships with legitimate entrepreneurs of the country host, it can provide more assurance that, along with official business consortia, from smuggling lines are also created. The investment of illegitimate products in economically advanced countries raises other controversial issues. Some studies indicate that professional groups are slowly abandoning their participation in economic activities visible and are diverting professional profits into the financial sector more secret. This deviation is said to make more difficult the detection and confiscation of the troubled assets. The entry of transnational crime operators in the financial world is believed to announce possible disturbances, the distortion of the rules, the erosion of ethics and suppression of competition, ultimately, is supposed to promote a "purge" among employers, leading to survival of the most criminally in shape. Some arguments behind this belief below. The organized professional groups have been accused of disrupting the harmonious relationship between supply and demand.

By making illicit goods available, for example, is said to reduce the aggregate demand for licit goods in the market and, consequently, limit the income of the legitimate companies producing and distributing them. This argument implicitly excludes the possibility that the crime can be used to buy legitimate goods, although there is evidence that members of organized crime groups is narrower than consumer spending. He also stated, however, that organized professional groups have a low propensity to consume because their illicit income markets continue to circulate in subsequent professional illegal funding of initiatives. Has also been claimed that criminals tend to transfer abroad of their income, thus depriving the country in which they operate to a considerable amount of funds. a However, there is another controversial issue, because these are only the specific characteristics of organized crime.

Legitimate entrepreneurs accumulate wealth also inert and can not translate their income on all the dynamics of investment or consumption. Some legitimate businessmen and politicians can also transfer money abroad, and despite the existence of permissive rules allowing them to legally move their capital across borders, find ways to increase the amounts moved by resorting to illegal practices. It should be noted in this connection that the so-called "hot money" and is commonly almost automatically associated with professional activity are laundered, in fact includes money earned, legitimately or not, by official actors. The money used for or accumulated through tax evasion, bribery, capital flight, the illicit transaction of legal goods (such as arms transfers) and the illegal financing of political parties, are examples of "hot money "as is money provided to developing countries is spent sneaking in the developed world that gave the loan. Credible estimates suggest that the proportion of money laundered by organized crime constitutes only about 10 percent of the total amount of hot money. " a It is controversial whether organized professional groups teach or learn from business and political aberrations

Finding the Client

Let's face it . To whom do you work? if you work for example in a supermarket or a clinic or a business office? That feeling you experience when your children leave school and go to your work all day and when you get older you can even bring your kids because they have lost personal contact with you, or simply trust that the complicity created from its cradle. No notes away when you see them every day after work and there are only a few hours to go to bed and you'd be so exhausted / or working for others will eventually be irritated / or know how, why and with more desire to sleep themselves so the relationship you have with your children during these hours has no quality either because even though you make your best effort. What to do when you have been at work for centuries and even if your salary increase and better yourself you've striven to make this happen and still struggles to save some money for traveling or just for the future that can not see this as accurate?. The answer for me is one, working for you, so you can take your time, your freedom and all the money that you propose with your own efforts and inversions.

Something very important: Finding my own business? where to start?, who will sell, if you have that, and do not have enough money to invest? Undoubtedly there are very serious and prosperous companies that can offer you a very good product and a commission from sales through the internet sales methods have changed so much that not even need to call your customers or prospects, you will not have to convince no one to buy, if you learn of your valuable courses, seminars and live calls, the client or buyer will come to you not you on is very simple and will be a gain for life. You only need to invest money and time and you can decide if invest more one than the other. The warmth of your hand will be your future, you need to know to transmit only on the internet, your advertising will be your strategy. Attract your effort traffic.

Misunderstood Adolescent Sports

Have you ever had those moments "aaaaargh" with their teens? The stage of adolescence is often very frustrating for parents as for children, as there are major changes in child-parent relationship for which neither is prepared. Unfortunately at this stage there is often a breakdown in the relationship between them. Many parents even assume that this break is natural and necessary and that is just part of life. However, many pains can be avoided if handled the situation correctly. To begin, we must understand what is the reality of a teenager today. His life turns around his friends, a hobby or favorite sport, and compliance with its obligations to study at school. In general, the youth of today is far removed from real life problems they are experiencing their parents.

In addition, few responsibilities required of him are meaningless to the young person as many times unrelated to their interests or aspirations. Their lives do not seem be connected with the real world in which they live. He even goes so far that parents make enormous sacrifices for the education of their children, but the son did not have time to attend because he has to study. Contrast this reality with a teen's life 200 years ago, before the Industrial Revolution, when even family activities revolved around a family business. Are you know that there was the term "adolescent" at that time? The children began a very early age to acquire small responsibilities in the family business. Upon reaching what we now call adolescence, they were already considered as young adults and had even greater responsibilities.

Marketing Society Work

I remember it was a morning with the same apparent routine up and do the work themselves to go to work and turn on the TV to hear the news, and with it the inevitable and repetitive business. At the time I look in the mirror to comb my hair while receiving obese figure and as a coincidence, listen to a product that can help “lift metabol …” my body and help me regain my figure, so deep in body fat, must be lost or tight. At the time of putting my socks and tie my shoes I see the fatigue in my legs and a spider between green and blue, to result in another ad interested in a cream that will help me relax fade varicose veins and legs. Later, leaving the natural act of evacuation notice the burning and irritation with some bleeding, but miraculous chance Oh! With some capsules I can sit in the clouds.

No end to assimilate my irritation, when the heat of my stomach calling me, and while I like spicy and hot sauces … and on long string of ads, more appropriate for the red locust, omeprazole gives “stop” to gastritis. I think about how stressful my work, and how little sleep, and hear a deep sigh that invites me to relax as a Tibetan monk “Daaaaaaaaaaalaaaaaay.” While these natural products seem to provide very quiet, still suffer the compulsion of having enough they have shown me and my 5 products for everyday problems …