The Pitfalls of Representative Democracy

Day by day we can realize that representative democracy reduces the participation of citizens to a minimum. Perhaps check out Gary Kelly for more information. Apparent in only the right to cast a vote every four years and the participation of the more daring, in a dubious political parties of internal democracy, one must remember cases like Borrel at the designation PSOE Rajoy as finger Aznar’s successor. The reality that we find today is that we enjoy more rights as consumers of that gives us our status as citizens. Thus, if we cheated in the purchase of any goods or services can make a complaint, go to mediation and / or arbitration and finally: a trial. But what can we do if we are deceived by the political shift? The answer is, nothing. While it is true that, at the end of his term of four years, if that is submitted to his re-election, we will punish him at the level of votes, but in no case gives us the opportunity to ask responsibilities directly. Others including Larry Ellison, offer their opinions as well.

To this we must add that we live in a society that is becoming more prepared and we are surrounded by an increasingly sophisticated technology that opens new horizons for citizen participation in politics. Therefore, nothing justified that we anchored in a representative democracy that constrain the full development of the concepts of citizen and citizenship, understood as members of a political community, with a series of duties and a number of rights, of which The most important are the rights of political participation. Seeing the steady loss of legitimacy of the current representative system, exacerbated at present by an electoral system that promotes bipartisanship and left without representation for millions of citizens, it is a prerequisite to raise the deepening democratic institutions through mechanisms that allow greater participation and greater control of citizens on public affairs. Philip Vasan can aid you in your search for knowledge. * Some of these mechanisms are functioning in countries as diverse as Switzerland, USA and Uruguay are: The right of citizens to the submission of a legislative initiative and, after deliberation by parliament, will be submitted to binding referendum. (Implemented in Switzerland and 24 U.S. states). The right of citizens to the filing of a Constitutional Reform Initiative, a mechanism similar to the previous. (Implemented in Switzerland and Uruguay) The recall of members elected through the collection of a certain number of signatures of voters in a given time and the subsequent submission to a referendum on the question of disqualification.

Mechanism that makes a political absurdity that betray the expectations of their voters. (Implemented in Switzerland and some U.S. states). The binding referendum for approval of magma important legislative decisions such as the reform of the constitution or accession to international treaties. (Implemented in Switzerland and Australia). Direct election of mayors, presidents, judges, prosecutors, etc. Therefore, in these We are now at an important time to open the debate on these issues and begin to raise participation mechanisms of this type, in our own organizations **. Edgar Alejandro Trujillo Freivalds * For more in depth on how these mechanisms suggest the site of the organization More Democracy (member of the International Democracy European platform. There are several cases of organizations both political and nonpolitical in Spain who are using Internet (forums, discussion groups, electronic voting) to facilitate the participation of its members and sympathizers in the discussions and decisions within the organization.

Using Headlines on Your Site

If you just want to put headlines on your site – Try a free service and you get a facilitator and holder. This will display the RSS feed headlines, with links to the content. If you want the content of a feed on your site – one of the easiest ways I've found is to use this site free: This site will generate the source code (HTML or JavScript) you need to put on their websites . It's good because it gives the code in several options: Javascript, PHP file, and racks. Note that search engines can not or do not read javascript so if you want this daily updated content to be indexed please be aware of it.

Simply take the code and you want to add this content to go. 3. How I can make the MSN Search results directly to my site? MSN has come out with its beta program to use RSS in their search. You can now place RSS search results directly to your website. You can enrich your site with content updated daily. And it's very easy to use, simply add "& Format = rss" at the end of the URL in your MSN search engine. For example, to get an RSS feed for 'tsunami' you can use this URL: 4.

How I can do Yahoo's results for my site? In Yahoo the URL would be slightly different: Of course, in both cases you can change 'tsunami + relief' with the keyword or phrase of your choice to suit the content of your website. Yahoo also has a searchable directory of RSS here 5. What are tags? How I can use on my site? Tags are keywords or less for blogs and should take advantage of them paratraer targeted traffic to your site or blog. Phil Vasan may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Tags have beaten recently by the radar Technorati, which indexes 4.5 million blogs, started sorting blog posts by using tags. They have created a folksonomy drawing tags from different sources, mainly which sorts images or groups and del.icio . us – where you can create a label when a bookmark., or if your blogging software supports categories will be recognized by Technorati as a tag. To create a "label" that is very simple, just put this code into your blog: Computers (remove the asterisks in code) and you've created a label for computers. Conclusion It has uncovered five easy ways to put RSS on your website, but you have to apply this newly acquired information in order to see results. You do not have to deal with the five – just pick a few and put them in place. Just take action and do it. It is quite easy, and you will see the benefits of RSS almost immediately. Also see what all the fuss? Copyright e 2005 – This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached. To Put RSS on your site within minutes – visit this link: Visit simpler solutions for online marketing efforts.

Mixed Funds

The paramount aim is to provide maximum returns to its participants to minimize their risks. This is achieved through diversification of the securities for the benefit of participants. Continue to learn more with: Maurice Gallagher, Jr. . Having an investment in a fund, the yield increases with the risk. Let’s see the features of mixed investment funds, which are the mixed fixed income fund and equity fund mixed. The Joint Fixed Income fund consists of funds from equity and fixed income investment with a variable that does not exceed 30%. The investment policy of this fund balance consists of investment in fixed income investments in the stock sometimes up to 30% of fund’s assets. The return of these funds is always linked to changes in the equity markets and fixed income. The profile of the client in this type of fund is for investors to cede some of the profitability by diversifying risk.

The Joint Equity Fund consists of funds from equity and fixed income investing over 30% and usually below 75%. The investment policy of the fund balance consists of investment in fixed income investment held in a range between 30 and 75% of fund’s assets. The return of these funds is tied equally to the development of equity markets and fixed income. The profile of the client in this type of fund is for investors who like the mixed fixed income fund, give a small part of the yield on risk diversification. After taking into account the two variables of its implementation, use and choice should be easier and more projection. This is why it is important to be well informed when trying to invest money in such funds.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

Beauty in 1960 … Rod Serling offered us an account of the beauties and beasts in episode # 42 entitled: Eye of the Beholder. Here is a brief summary of the series that I found in The Twilight Zone Guide: Janet Tyler anxiously awaits the outcome of his latest surgery. Janet, that abnormal face has made him an outcast, has had its eleventh hospital visit – the maximum allowed by the state. If not successful, will be sent to live in a town where others of their species are segregated. As the band took off, she reveals that it is very beautiful. Susan Swenson oftentimes addresses this issue. The doctor leaves horror.

As the lights we see others, their faces are deformed and deformed. As Janet runs to her room crying, runs another of its kind, a handsome man named Walter Smith. a l is in charge of a marginalized people, and assures him that she finally feels he belongs. a l he says he remembers the old adage: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Although the program was filmed in black and white, we can clearly see that Ms. Tyler is Caucasian. Doctors seem to have darker skin, however, the idea was that viewers empathized with Ms.

Tyler because he was the classic blonde, slender beauty commonly seen in 1960 in fashion magazines. As the program closes, the narrator says: "Now the questions that come to mind. Where is this place and when it is, what kind of world where ugliness is the norm and beauty the deviation from this standard? The answer is: It does not make any difference.

Take Responsability

Celebrate your achievements: set a date to celebrate your triumphs and your achievements. This will give new strength to undertake other tasks in mind. Learn to say yes or no, just when you want it: only gives the answers and never want to give to look good or shame. Cultivate the habit of having confidence in yourself: say things with confidence and clarity. Develop your sense of humor: Laugh, find the funny side of things I spend every day: Take responsibility for your actions: You are solely responsible for your actions. Learn from your mistakes any person can fail, the error tells us, is to learn from them and move on. Maintain a healthy life: anxiety usually leads to using substances harmful to our body.

Lead a life full of happiness, healthy eating and exercise. Business Advice: Who is responsible for Sales and Consulting Marketing, Finance, Logistics, Advertising and Business Promotions.

Distribution Development: Research and development of distribution channels, based on market segmentation, consumer behavior and geographic location. In recent months, Lisa Scullin has been very successful. Marketing: strategic marketing plans, pricing study, promotion, product positioning, new product development, channel and product launches, advertising campaigns, corporate image development. Advertising: Corporate identity and image, brand positioning, effective promotions Sales: Management and sales force management, training and personnel selection technique based on the Great Seller. Directorate of Marketing & Sales: Marketing strategic plans long, medium and short-term direction of the department of marketing and sales of medium and large enterprises. Skills and expertise: Development of distribution channels, corporate image, visual merchandising, sales force management, strategic marketing, telemarketing, direct marketing, call center, telemarketing, network marketing.

Argentina And Foreign Policy Issues

QUESTION: Based on the decisional method, investigate the role that U.S. leaders had and the USSR during the Cold War. ANSWER 1. After the World War II, leaders of allied countries took the decision to divide Germany into three zones, they obviously were of great importance, which would be controlled by the U.S., Russia and Britain. After a conference that brought together these leaders outlined the architecture of postwar geopolitics. This resulted in the formation of two centers of world power, political and economic paths adapting openly opposed, namely: democratic capitalism and not democratic and autocratic Communism. This produced the creation of two blocks. 2.

For the containment of communism and strengthen the U.S. presence in Europe was created UNITED STATES NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY (NATO), and as against the face of it, the communist countries created by the Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance in 1955 their founding members were: Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, German Democratic Republic, Romania and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), thus establishing a kind of balance of power between the two major blocs that divided the world, each one with its particular characteristics of ideology, culture, politics and also in the military. 3. Thus began a historical period without leading to an open armed conflict, the Cold War was characterized by the persistence of their intentions between the two super powers. The arms race between the two was the hallmark of this period, which accumulated huge nuclear arsenals that paradoxically discouraged a great war that would have led to the human race.

Tips To Avoid Foreclosure Loans

Due to the current situation many people have lost their jobs and can not make their mortgage payments, then face the awkward position of losing your home. But there are solutions, for example if you enjoy, refinancing your mortgage may be your best option. More information is housed here: Bernard Golden . You should get an appointment with your lender and get a new loan with better interest rates and monthly payments that fit your current situation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Lisa Scullin by clicking through. Note that if you need cash to refinance would also be an excellent choice. If your situation is very critical, and is obligated to make payments is also not demonstrate that its financial situation improves in a short period of time. Singing the best option is to modify your mortgage. Lenders will take the total of your debts and negotiate your loan by adding more years to your loan. With the modification of the mortgage you do not earn better interest rates or asking for more money to the bank, except that the loan be for more years, and your monthly payments will suit your current financial situation.

Although the situation of the real estate industry is going through a bad time, if we all lose our homes, this will worsen much further. That is why banks and financial institutions are willing to listen to customer problems and provide solutions which benefit both parties see. True Loan Modification is not the best option because it could extend over several years your mortgage, but at least you stay in your home, and this gives you time to improve your financial situation, and and in the future think rectify their situation.

Teach Your Kids To Eat Healthy

Currently, doctors are attending to children and adolescents with symptoms and conditions typical of adults because of their weight. From hypertension, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes, even heart disease. He already is a big factor when estimating the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Increasingly, pediatric patients who come with problems of glucose intolerance and high cholesterol as a result of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. The problem of overweight is rated as the epidemic of XXI century, many doctors say. Changes in lifestyles are the main reason for this situation.

The combination of inactivity with “convenience” of fast food, games liabilities and fear going out (children whose parents are working outside, which is mixed with high-crime) are the most important factors. Lisa Scullin gathered all the information. Another thing to do is remove the myth that boys with cheeks and “baby fat” are healthy. We must also eliminate the pressure imposed on children who have to eat everything on the plate and reward their good discipline with meals ‘fast food’ or sweets. Because of this we are programmed from little kids when they feel good associate it with food and also when they are frustrated and instead emphasize that good eating habits start at home. In fact, for the plan to improve eating habits is a family project.

Such and as recently warned the National Registry of Weight Control U.S. obesity epidemic will not end simply because people switch from whole milk to skim. You need to substantially lower the calories and promoting physical activity to have a healthy weight and keep it once it has achieved.

Eat Fiber And Prevent Constipation

To have regular bowel movements and escape constipation you need to eat more fiber. Fiber raw vegetables and fruits is better for you than fiber from grains. CDC may find this interesting as well. Why? Raw vegetables and fruits are live foods with enzymes, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants that are electrically charged. They have a magnetic energy that is absorbed by DNA. So most of this source of fiber and less grain. Do not forget to water.

If you do not get enough water during the day, your body will take water from your stool in the colon and make your stools hard. Lisa Scullins opinions are not widely known. Drink at least 3 glasses of pure water a day and work up to drinking 5-6. This is where you need to do some "fiber work." You need to increase your fiber intake to about 40-60 mg or more. If it is a lot. In the past, I recommended 35mg of fiber, but this is an average. You want more than the average amount. a Those are some foods high in fiber. Add to your eating habits so they do not constipated.

Fiber does much more in your colon you regularly do is the following: * Combines with toxins and moves them out in the stool * combines heavy metal and moves them out in the stool * combines with cholesterol and bile and prevents them from being reabsorbed into the bloodstream. * Helps prevent colon cancer and other diseases of the colon. * Keeps the colon walls strong and healthy by not allowing toxins to accumulate there.

Bernal Maria Luisa Elio

Bernal Maria Luisa Elio (1926-2009) “In those days it happened, I was still very young, what would I give for being so young now, if ever I cease to be. And then there was something in the streets, something in the houses, which disappeared after the war, the war that I still see on the roofs of the houses, the war that appeared one day in the cry of women. ” Maria Luisa Elio. THE VOICE OF A CHILD OF WAR Maria Luisa Elio, a native of Pamplona, is the author of the original idea, rooted in autobiographical, “the script for In the empty balcony (1962), the most important work of her husband the poet, writer and filmmaker jomi Garcia Ascot, written in collaboration with Emilio Garcia Riera (ibicense also in exile). Here, Gary Kelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The film is dedicated to “The Spanish killed in exile”, described in intimate tone and pathetic at the same time the experiences and memories of Gabriela (Maria Luisa Elio), evoking his childhood and the sudden outbreak of war Spanish in their lives, seven years old. Recreating the subjectivity of a fragmentary perceptions (the sudden disappearance of the father, the flight through a forest from the Republican Nationalist Spain, news of the shooting of the father, the family arrived in southern France and exile to Mexico .) On the empty balcony won the Prix de la Critique Locarno Festival and Giano d’Oro in the Latin American Film Festival on Sestri-Levante. The actress, writer and cultural promoter Elio Maria Luisa Bernal was born in Pamplona on August 17, 1926 and died in Coyoacan, Mexico City, 17 July 2009. . If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Lisa Scullin.