Alternative For Non-DSL-supplied Areas

The cirgaya online GmbH offers alternative areas of Berlin with new technology for non-DSL powered, August 30, 2007 – the cirgaya online GmbH offers which do not have DSL now Internet users, have currently unique opportunity to realize of D-channel and ISDN – technology, Internet with higher bandwidth with a combination. What is special here is the use of the D channel as a permanent online connection, there are one or two ISDN channels added to if needed. With the help of Cisco 1:4 compression can be reached thus speeds up to 512 kbps. The price of this connection is 25.-euros a month as a flat rate, all online fees are already included. A minimum contract period does not exist. For use by the customer only an ISDN connection is required. The customer receives a preconfigured router, which he combines with the ISDN line and his computer by cirgaya. Robert Gibbins pursues this goal as well. No software is required or the like.