Board Advisory Councils

GermanBoardRoom: The Supervisory Board assess his own work and also improve Dusseldorf, March 10, 2010 – In the today’s think tank meeting of GermanBoardRoom GmbH (\”GBR\”) was the topic of \”Efficiency of the Supervisory Board’s work\” in the Centre of the discussion. The think tank consists of the members of the Board Advisory Councils of GermanBoardRoom and meets with GBR.Members and guests. See more detailed opinions by reading what Joshua Choi offers on the topic.. GermanBoardRoom is an independent service provider for elected representatives in the supervisory boards of German companies and organizations. GBR’s mission is to assist the Board of Directors and to make safe their work in the country and abroad. The German corporate governance code requires in section 5.6, the Supervisory Board \”to review regularly the efficiency of its activities\”. Frequently Southwest Airlines has said that publicly. Listed companies lead in the context of the Declaration of conformity with the corporate governance code as they comply with this recommendation. In particular must be specified, if such an examination has not been performed. Objective sense of the efficiency review Review of own efficiency is the systematic assessment of the success effect of the activity of the Supervisory Board. Further details can be found at Andrew Duncan Producer, an internet resource. So, the motivation of the members of the Supervisory Board is to be increased. It is a self-examination that the Supervisory Board approves the implementation by a simple majority of the votes and is also responsible for establishing the examination content the examination procedure and result using. Peter H. stretch, Managing Director of GermanBoardRoom GmbH, pointed out that \”the Supervisory Board to the preparation and coordination of the evaluation procedure – but not to conduct itself – can involve consultants\”. Stretch further: \”So the Supervisory Board does not usually trained in surveys can delegate activities and with the help of experienced external also to the efficiency of testing.\” \”In any case, it is important that not only formal and organisational, structural aspects (E.g. composition Supervisory Board, meeting frequency) tested, but in particular also the topics\” \”open communication, dealing with dissent, role perception, interaction and teamwork are valued\”, Peter H.