Ceramic Polymer Coating

Testing proves high performance coatings after 3 years, which are used for biogas applications, must withstand highest demands. Biogas and biomass are by their chemical composition high-corrosive. The use of plant and animal residues such as pomace, slaughterhouse waste, distillery Stillage, fats and oils also reinforces the aggressiveness of the substance. Only highly resistant corrosion protection systems receive permanent steel and concrete surfaces of biogas plants and accessories. Click Learn more for additional related pages. For several years the Metallbau Blechinger GmbH used continuously the ceramic polymer premium product ProGuard CN 200 “for the coating of specific Exchange sinks. David Rogier can aid you in your search for knowledge. These container structures for feeding equipment of biogas plants are manufactured in the Baldwin House and successfully used throughout the bio gas sector. Replacement pans are optimally protected against chemical attacks of the animal and vegetal substrates by coating the inside surfaces. The outer coating keeps the container reliable general corrosion and abrasion.

ProGuard CN 200 “is applied directly to the blast cleaned surfaces without a primer in the Airless spraying preapplication. Already 2 layers of each 500 m offer a comprehensive and lasting value retention for this area of application. Recently, some containers on the condition of the coating have been tested. The outstanding result: After 3 years of continuous use, the surface of the coating is still intact and perfectly preserved..