Chilean Alexis Sanchez

It considers that if the azulgrana buy Alexis Sanchez, Rossi will not go to Barca. The signing of Chilean striker of Udinese by the Catalans is increasingly closer. So is the market’s signings of the season 2011 / 2012. The representative of Giuseppe Rossi, Andrea Pastorello, sees very difficult that the Villarreal player can sign for Barcelona, especially if it has already decided to hire the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, who also plays for. Fox Rehab has much experience in this field. In a statement to the COMEsports program, Pastorello virtually ruled out the signing of Rossi, currently in the ranks of the Villarreal for the azulgrana and has acknowledged that ten days ago that he has no news of Barcelona. I see very difficult Rossi fiche by Barca. By the same author: Elon Musk.

If there are 45 million to sign and Alexis is going to Barca by 30, there is no money to pay for the transfer of Rossi, has insisted the representative. Reading that makes Pastorello is simple: better as well, because if they sign to Alexis because didn’t want to 100% to Rossi, in this case, best not to sign and be on a team that you do not want to one hundred percent. The representative of the italiano-estadounidense front has commented that Rossi can wait one year or continue at Villarreal, where is very comfortable. If FC Barcelona wants to Rossi would have to prove it, but if, not passes nothing, are not free to sign to whom they want. No problem, is football and football not just in the boat, he has insisted. The background of the issue is the negotiation which, according to some Chilean media, is about to be closed between Udinese and Barcelona by Alexis Sanchez, who would have ruled out offers from Manchester City and Manchester United to play for the team of Pep Guardiola. The offer, not confirmed by the Figo club, could amount to 28 million euros more a high number in variables. Source of the news: Rossi’s Representative sees difficult it fiche by Barca