Chinese Hair

For advice, we turned to the director of the company HAYRSHOP Julia Shishkina. After HAYRSHOP not only provides natural hair on the Russian market, but also carries out extensive testing in their specially created for this purpose laboratory. Julia, what kind of hair today offered to build on our market? First of all, there are two main categories of hair – European and Asian. Choosing one or the other category, consumers are often guided by somewhat contrived stereotypes. It is believed that the entire Chinese exports, and Asian hair driven mainly from China, low quality. However, such opinions are increasingly disappearing, as the Chinese have long seek to meet international standards in all product groups.

About European hair is also legendary. We must understand that in prosperous Europe is no native women would dream of selling their hair. European or Slavic called hair, buys foreign companies in Belarus and Ukraine. And yet it is believed that Asian and European hair are very different in structure. What is the structure of the hair? Structure – A set of characteristics of hair, such as thickness, location of the cuticle, especially pigment.

In Russia and CIS countries in Europe in connection with the mixed nature of the national population, the thickness of the hair varies from 35 to 60 microns. China – the average thickness of hair is 60 microns. That is, the spread is not so great. What types of natural hair, do you offer? We supply the Russian market only natural hair Category A. This is because called hair REMY and REMY SUPER. Before you can use hair to build, they are processed. The fact is that any cut off the spit, let's say 60 cm, only 10-15% of hair do reach such lengths. Another 10% – no more than 50 cm and so on. That is present in a single braid hair of all lengths.