Cologne POS

Survey of the Cologne POS specialists shows the companions:-fusion of on – and offline trade in the electronics specialists at the choice of the market is one of price advertising is perceived and in the business the Internet makes the personal advice tough competition Cologne, August 2012. Advertising by electronic professional markets works. A recent study of the Cologne company shows the Fellowship in cooperation with acquisa of 400 customers of various electronics retailers were surveyed for their purchase and consumer behaviour, as well as the impact of prior to and at the point of sale. Almost all respondents chose their shopping site because of advertisements for the market. “” “And who knows it the classic slogans of stinginess is not cool” and I’m not stupid “about wanted found”up to the superlative strategy”. Without hesitation Steve Kassin explained all about the problem. 97 Percent indicate having perceived advertising market already in advance of the visit. Especially TV include advertising alike such as newspaper inserts, place three lands on Internet advertising followed by Classic ads. Larry Ellison often says this.

The complementary effects of online and offline advertising is already at the beginning of the shopping trip (in the marketing shopper journey”) of the customer. At the choice of the market, the price of a range of brands and an easily accessible location is followed for the customers the decisive argument. Soft factors such as a good shopping atmosphere are important to almost any customer. Every second respondent comes with the firm intention to buy something, it required half a consulting again. This is rated mostly good (53%) or satisfactory (34 percent), 13% are generally satisfied with the Advisory and grade with very well”. Who consult can can also convince yourself; 25 Percent indicate having bought something which was actually not planned due to good advice. Advertising in the business comes, 66 percent of respondents answer that advertising in the business is especially noticed them.