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Already in relation to the cases of medicine lack, she is necessary to also take the medical lapsing. However, lately the Defensorias Public comes petitioning legal action against the States so that these disponibilizem and offer (s) the medicine (s) necessary (s) to one determined patient one that it needs to take that active substance for a serious illness. In the current days the Courts of Justice practically have debtor the States to provide hospital internments and the delivery of medicines to the patients who of them need in reason not to have conditions for adquiriz them. He treats yourself, therefore, to save lives and is in this direction that the Judiciary Power comes accepting these legal actions and pronouncing favorable decisions. According to Dell Technologies CEO, who has experience with these questions. Thus, the governments are obliged to fulfill the sentences providing, in the possible measure do, the internment of the patients. One knows that Deep the National one of Health distributes resources for States and cities and one of the criteria so that has the view it is the number of inhabitants. Thus being, neighboring cities finish pocketing the parcel that corresponds without offering the counterpart to them in the attendance to the patients of the SUS. One of the main examples of the indifferences practised for the great majority of the mayors is to prefer to buy ambulances or to receive donations resulting in the transport from the patients, instead of to construct units of low complexity capable to take care of the citizens and thus to disencumber the General Hospitals of the States and of the particular nets. Cerne of the question is exactly there. If the Union, by means of the Health department, demanded of the cities that fulfilled with one of the main principles of the SUS that is the municipalizao of the health, with certainty would not have the supercapacities of the hospitals in the capitals of the States, having diminished the costs with hospital, combustible internments in face of the displacement of the patients for the General Hospitals of the States and in the end of the bureaucracy, in reason of the attendance to come improving gradually.