Criteria For Selection Of Flowmeters And Counters For People And Enterprises

In the post-crisis period, has become very urgent problem of accounting consumption of heat and energy. Moreover, the solution to this problem must be tackled not only industrial companies but also to the population, since government regulation, in the newly constructed dwelling shall be placed not only electricity meters, and hot and cold water, tepla.Da for housing has long been in service, installation of water meters and heat will greatly from saving on utilities. In this regard, the organizations and the public has a difficult task for the selection of equipment for the organization of energy accounting, namely, flow meters and counters. By what the requirements and criteria necessary to select those devices that would not have thrown considerable resources into the wind? At large industrial enterprises, where necessary to measure consumption of various substances, have very different physical state and chemical-physical properties, the selection criteria of flow or counter depending on the specifics of the company and must consider: 1. High accuracy – the more precise instrument, the less his error, and consequently, the greater the opportunity for businesses to save on paying for energy prices, which do not stand still. This is especially true for large, energy-intensive industries. 2.

Reliability – the time during which the meter or meter is able to maintain its metrological characteristics. Tim Clark may help you with your research. Than a reliable instrument, the less need to maintain its efficiency and stable metrological characteristics. 3. dependence of the accuracy of measurement of changes in the density of matter – especially important for measuring the cost of gaseous substances, the density of which varies over a considerable range in Depending on their temperature and pressure.