The girls were not paying attention, appeared on the roads of Moscow cars with colorful stickers calling to send SMS? Interested in what it is: quiz, social action, or pager may have invented a new automobile? Well, on May 9 is used to having all the cars are decorated with St. George's ribbons. And who do not have cars, so those on the bags knit – and correctly – everyone was, and God forbid, and there are native people, for whom the war – not an empty sound. Solidarity, so to speak, and patriotism. So, these new labels now found almost more than the stupid shoes on the rear window. And driving a car with the handsome and kind uncle, and frivolous girl.

Considered the most "send me SMS intently at someone else's parked car. It turned out that this is a new service for motorists and sympathizers. The point is simple: cars in mass, each sitting at the wheel different-different people, but each of them has this same steering wheel and a mobile phone. So now all these different-different people can exchange information by sending SMS-ki on the number of cars. Omit the hype Developers and imagine, what is all this necessary, if needed at all. To begin with, the car is for everyone – a favorite toy, and everything connected with it just may not be uninteresting to its owner.

Especially when there is free time. And when it is? That's right, when traffic jams. Every day we are idle minutes and hours (so as to whom you're lucky), listen to radio news about traffic jams or spoil the eyes by reading. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Steve Kassin.