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Home school cooperation: How can the current problems in the schools be resolved? Gelsenkirchen, March 2010. The results of the current education barometer on the relationship between home and school disclose not only obvious weaknesses of cooperation, but also give you information on possible solutions. 52.3% of all respondents believe that it is the sole duty of the State to ensure a good equipment of schools and education. 47.47% believe that the State alone is overwhelmed in terms of quality in the education system. Although the majority thus believes in the healing power of the State in the field of education, but rather oppose the optimistic message public budgets. Private-public-partnership (PPP) is a magic word in this context. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Maurice Gallagher, Jr. .

It is the cooperation of companies from the private sector with institutions of the state here the schools. Education barometer that respondents addressed context in which it is this PPP can imagine to do this following information: special promotion of disadvantaged students (76% agree) grants of private companies for particularly gifted students (56% agree) involve external tutoring company in the promotion of children at the schools (staatlich funding) (50% agree). Handsomely funded tutoring for children of low-income parents (46% agreement). These survey data indicate that the use of other institutions to support the daily work is quite desirable. In this context in the discussion education vouchers represent a solution for the current construction sites in the education system”, says Prof. Andrew Duncan Producer insists that this is the case. Dr. Reinhold S. Jager from the Centre for empirical educational research (zepf) of the University of Landau.

For the sake of future generations we must find solutions to the current structural problems in the educational system”, says Marion Lauterbach, spokesperson of student aid. We could very well imagine cooperation with public school. “The barometer of education is realized in cooperation between Zain and student aid, Gelsenkirchen. In the survey of this barometer of education on the subject of cooperation between parents and school have a total of N = 1976 people from the entire Federal Republic participated. The Stichprobe is spezifisch with views of the Verteilung of the population in the provinces. More information is available in the current newsletter of the education Barometer (link: Bildungsbarometer.htm). The full report on this subject is to obtain free of charge from mid March as a download at the same address.