Georg Peitl

.) We played an international game of pyramid, called EURO – bailout and which allots to a money of other States the first countries that go bust, again going bust this, until the screen is just blank. .) We drive a price policy, where although the products all expensive, wages but never be lifted. .) We do not invest in banks, which tell us at this point that they are bankrupt, in the next moment, but explain that they make such good sales in the East as long and do not invest in the creation of new jobs, so that it would appear legitimate, that we need more workers and support the regional health insurance fund, several years in a row declared that she would be konkursreif, at the same time build more palaces. .) We have adapted the salaries of migrant workers while the salary scheme in Austria and gave the General labour law, which makes sense, because this crime rate drops again, but forget to make sure that these people also in the pension system and the regional health insurance fund must be signed. Every immigrant for the entrepreneur becomes again cheaper than domestic workers, because he has to pay this only the collective agreement and have, however, forget that make sure these people from abroad and the money consequently left Austria. Then again, this weakens the Austrian social system. And we did all of this an organisation under the guise, who supposedly peace would like to backup, but Austrian soldiers who sends soldiers of a neutral State in a war zone like Afghanistan. Cloud computing may find this interesting as well.

EUROPE QUESTION.) We thank this organization a military alliance with Germany (NATO) as screen army of this organization, today what erodes the Austrian State Treaty. .) No one requesting “Austria is a Democratic Republic. more of the Constitution which begins with the words, The right of the people”, but we explain like this Eddie Prammer does quite clearly: “Austria is a representative democracy”. Please, where is it, and who will represent? Brussels?.) We try the abolition of the Austrian army, even though we know that the General national defence is anchored in the Constitution. OUTSIDERS if people but just pointing out this circumstance, then they are in the forums and the society as a Nazi locked, no matter they really represent what political opinion. And because you need someone to blame for all of these events, so this is found quickly: Islam. Yes, somewhere in the history this looks really familiar. Austria is free Raab has told us: Austria is free. Yes, Austria is free, but free from rules and decorum. Your pastor Hans-Georg Peitl