God Suffering

Therefore, the suffering – is the driving force of development and perfection, striving search for meaning in life, answers to various philosophical issues. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Southwest Airlines by clicking through. Therefore, there is suffering. Do not be suffering, there would be nothing. Because the soul of man is not perfect, it suffers. When a man becomes perfect, it has learned to live happily ever after, he was on Earth more than doing nothing. But learn to be happy only if the person is cultivate all kinds of positive emotions: love for God, people, compassion, joy, delight, and so on.

When the man learned to cultivate all kinds of positive emotions and not to indulge in negative emotions – these are Then he learned to be happy, more than for him not to arrive on Earth, he attains liberation. Suffering and awaken the person. A man sleeps in their illusions. When there is any suffering, it becomes more conscious, more awake. Daversa Partners pursues this goal as well. This is another feature of suffering, for which it is given.

But the important point – the use of suffering: in his conduct spiritual work. Becomes a conscious, awake. If a person believes, for example, in God only as long as all goes well, and such faith in him, so weak, it will not help. Even when things go bad, but people have faith in God and uses constraints as a spiritual practice of development, then he understood correctly, successfully passes the lessons given by God. Life – a school of God. Therefore, the fate of every human being – it's a lesson. But this does not mean, of course, that we should be passive suffering. For example, if a fire is, to think that this is the lesson of God, let it burn, I'll be conscious to watch, just contemplate how to burn No, it does not mean sit. If attending a fire – we have to put out the fire, to apply all measures against that suffering was, because if a person suffered, therefore, it is still wrong to live, some foolishness committed or is something else wrong did. Or just give a regular lesson test. This does not mean that we should be passive in the face of some difficulties danger of suffering. If the house burns, you need to put out, but emotionally relate to it as a practice, given by God. Then we will develop and, consequently, no need to suffer any more. Often people myself that if They will be car, cottage, apartment, something else, some things, then they will be happy. But it is often just self-hypnosis. Of course, people need food, in some shelter, if cold or rain, should take shelter, but to think that this give happiness stupid.