How To Live Well In This World

And now I am here in this world so full of people but with so much solitude for everyone, surrounded by people who have forgotten the spiritual things that give value to life, so beautiful that life could be if it had a little more sincerity in people, people increasingly are more empty, I am so cold in this world, cold from fear of the intentions of each person. Already do not know with whom you’ll face every day, I would like that all this was a dream and awakening to a sincere world, open feelings, is so heartbreaking that if one shows sincere crushed it. It seems as if there were a contagious gas in the air and that if not breathe you all swim the attitudes of people carry double meanings. No longer do open heart songs that make vibrate the body, please help me to contribute with some of you open heart, that people can see that there is still at least something of feeling in this world. Are my hours in the life of discouraged, malcomidas, bad sleeping, and sobretrabajadas, and the pleasure of living becomes only seek material comfort, and the that keeps us awake and alive that same is what is killing us the world has become more demanding, demanding and above all overwhelming. I am ready and prepared for the hard life, I’ve already been crushed and I constantly woke up, that it is enduring the blows, and there is no better experience than life. The information is very good, but life is the best book of teachings, only is a matter of know to take what is good for us. But despite knowing that one must know to protect themselves from hypocrisy, also seeking unsuccessfully people who gives without expecting to receive anything.

If someone gives me a smile or a cheerful greeting or a comment of encouragement, it is worth more than any material gift. If someone shows something that is valuable to him and gives him, is more glorious for which gives to the recipient. Life is about moments, live it, enjoy it, defend yourself, be strong, never give up, you will receive blows and you’ll fall, but the important thing is to get up. All suffer and if someone denies it is a lie, but we also enjoy, We laugh, we shared moments, but if we live in a world heavily material the worst thing we can do is stop learn and prepare us, must be at the forefront of opportunities. Credit: Clayton Morris-2011. Atte Augusto Gonzalez Web: email: original author and source of the article