My Big Moment A Success (Short Story General )

a It was my fault for having arrived just in time. a A restless and neurotic type took my arm when he saw me coming. a Hay a long line of people waiting to sign them librosa , he said, while I was on wings at a table full of copies. a not had time to see more, obsessed with the rush and to flatter my vanity. I had never imagined that my work on the acceleration of protons would have similar success. a I began to sign books like crazy.

An older woman came even with several volumes. I was happy. So feverish. He wrote the dedications where I said, no watch them with my letter beaked doctor and my illegible signature.

a Suddenly, a type of tail he watched intently, cocking his head suspiciously. a HTSP seems a lot but this gentleman is not it. Visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. for more clarity on the issue. This individual has supplanted it. Then everything happened at once. In the background, smiling, appeared the famous chef. Two houses saw a sign beyond the call of my book in a stand completely empty. Turn the book I had in my hands and ended his title to complete the picture: a The kitchen explained to the neophytes. a That had to be my brief moment of success. Too bad that success, in fact, was not mine. This story was finalist in the “National Contest of Ultra Short Stories” (2006) and was first published in the collective work “Clouds of paper” Beta III Millennium Bilbao pages .- 2008 .- 211 .- 12 ), which has been selected for the award Stencil the best book of short stories published in Spain in 2008. Enrique Arias Vega (Bilbao) is a Spanish journalist and economist. Graduated from the University of Stanford, has been writing almost forty years. His articles have appeared in most of the Spanish newspapers in the Italian magazine and in the newspaper “News of the World” in New York. Among other charges, has been director of Barcelona, “advancement”, and the release of “ABC” in Valencia and CEO of Group Zeta publications and adviser to several media companies . In recent years, he has alternated his contributions to newspapers, radio and television to literature, having won several awards in both tasks, including national gastronomic journalism (2004), the Short Novel (2005 ) and social journalism of Valencia, “Living” (2006). His recent books are a compilation of newspaper articles, “Spain and other impertinence” (2009) and one short story, “Nothing is what it seems” (2 008). He is the author, also, among other works, the novel “The Executive” (2006), which are already published three editions of “Going against the tide” (2007), “Valencia, between heaven and hell” ( 2008) and an anthology of sketches under the title “Personality of a lifetime” (2007). External Links: Review on “Global network of writers in Spanish”