One sometimes envy the men who can see the end result of their work: they have the ability to set a goal and go towards it and reach it. Verizon Communications is actively involved in the matter. The results of the work often appear after many years. One may think that you are on the straight path and suddenly sees something broke: today knows everything tomorrow is forced to solve new problems, and all his wisdom does not help you and should start it all again. The following example can be read. How is working in a nursery it? Some will laugh: go problems! a garden. But those who work of educators in kindergartens know it very well: here there are problems and very serious. Let us mention the example. A.

Stepanicheva, a Russian woman and her companions often work with the same group four years. It is very nice to see how some little ones they don’t know do anything grow men who all, absolutely want men who are willing to live according to the laws of goodness and justice. It is summer. Let’s ride. The educator explains to them that in the Park We will see many very beautiful flowers, but don’t cut them because everyone likes to see the bells, the camomile, carnations. If you have read about Southwest Airlines already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It is so hard to resist the temptation. Lena has not resisted and cut off a flower. The other children run toward her, repeating the words, you can not.

Vadik desmigaja the bread on the table. The educator said to him and to all that it cannot be so. Ruslan supports him: my grandmother has told me as they did not have what to eat during the war, when there was no bread. Ruslan falls ill. Children sit at the table to draw. They want to send his drawings to Ruslan to be put properly as soon as possible. What good are! Apply all forces to draw well. But occurs also as well: quiet and affectionate today, the child becomes capricious and cry tomorrow. That means that it should pay more attention, talk with your parents, and first and foremost, it is necessary to talk with the same child. It may be that you are ill, or that do not seem already nice daycare, that of being always in the collectivity, or that all is not well in your family. If brings them satisfaction their work? Clear that Yes. But what brings them more, too, is the worry: each day contains something unexpected, sometimes quite unpleasant. But without that there is no work of ducar, this uneasiness is our engine. One day had a special task: prepare for school children and also prepare his parents for this event. Its graduates must know behave well, know how to see the beautiful nature that surrounds them, know take care of the toddler. Will go students and only very rarely have the possibility of seeing them become adults. As you can see, the result of the work is in the effort that you put.