Operation Jaque

Camova this year has been fatal for the Organization of the Farc guerrilla, has suffered blow after blow, since death of its main figure, ranging from its leader Humberto Maturana, until the release of their key pieces as they were: Ingrid Betancourt and the three Americans, who could help him in negotiations for release of hostages, which the Colombian Government maintains with respect to the guerrillas that they have been captured. David Rogier may find this interesting as well. Everything seems to indicate that those years of struggle where have killed a significant number of people, has been in vain for the FARC, at a cost to social, political, highly significant and very repudiated by the world, fifty years which seem to be coming to an end, most when they have demonstrated fragility in their defensive and even political structures. The recent bold operation carried out by the military forces of Colombia who was tricked the rebels to release Betancourt and 14 other hostages, including three Americans, has been a hard blow the oldest insurgency in the continent, demonstrating that the FARC is already weak faced with these facts, fractured since the recent events that have occurred in the year. Ingrid Betancourt’s Liberation figure very highlighted in recent years pro his abduction, suffering, penury in captivity last equals that all the hostages that the Farc keeps has ceased to mortally wound the FARC, as well as the three Americans who are already in their country of origin. Now the Facr won’t have much to offer for the exchange of prisoners, its weakness demonstrated before this operation, has made stronger to the Government of President Uribe, especially for the way in which freed 15 people without bloodshed, without death where his rescue showed, that the military forces of Colombia, is prepared to deal with this kind of operations. Very good informations are obtained with the liberation of Ingrid Betancourt, soldiers of the armed forces, which is the form of operability the Farc and that the Colombian army’s intelligence services provide the form how to penetrate them until reduced completely.