But by using a plastic bag, in which you the battery put into it, a suitable dry environment can be created, so that it can be stored in the refrigerator suitable. 2. a brand battery does it often it is longer than an identical not-brand battery so that manufacturers together with the laptop to connect also the battery and then no more. If someone wants to renew his notebook battery then after 2 years by a ‘new’ battery, is often deceived by he gets a piece of the first series as the battery pack trade-in from. Dozens of laptop-entrepreneurs don’t even make the batteries! If you open an Acer battery, rechargeable batteries have been used often by Toshiba or Panasonic. In such a case Acer just did then its brand logo, the seems to trigger it comes to an own AcerAkku of corresponding type. As well, also Yanec used the identical batteries of from well-known manufacturers but at a much lower purchase price! In addition, only newly manufactured battery cells will be recovered at Yanec which ensures durability and longer-lasting.

Furthermore, technical innovations on the market which it fabricated unoriginalen batteries companies such as for example Yanec already in production with more volume in the same manner to be than that of a trade mark. So it is not only refute the prejudice of various declarations, but downright turn around: A not origiginaler battery works long-term as an original battery. 3. a nachgemachterAkku is dangerous for portable computer! This rumor is often used of laptop business in circulation, which understandably primarily want to dispose of the batteries. They try everything to prevent consumers from buying a no.-name battery by they warn the loss of warranty. Furthermore you must not worry Yanec batteries! Non-original batteries almost always come from the same factory as the original battery. For this reason, the same procedures and the same material used in their production.