Throughout these years, I have had the opportunity to read many books on personal finances, and I accidentally received a message by Facebook, where my friend Luis Fernando asked to me: Which are the books of Finances that you would recommend? To this it would want to add some others to him that seem important to me and that desire to share with you, for that want to begin a small library on the subject Personal Finances The Millionaire Next Door: by Stanley and Danko In this book authors, both PhD s., entrevistan to a group of millionaires, to try to find connections common to which they can remove statistical functions to him. They discover, with astonishment for me, who the millionaires have a style of life below the standard which they reflect. They break myths like for example, that the millionaires are in their majority inheriting of fortune (false), that a worker I cannot be millionaire (super false), drive cars of second hand (certain). They make budgets. They leave his children do his.

In the book they secure to concepts keys on the saving and the accumulation of money. This he is one of those books that cover like saving money and generating money. He is a little long and tedious, but important to read it. The Secrets of Self-Made Millionares: by Adam Khoo Adam Khoo he is a boy of Singapore, that became millionaire to the 26 years, and today owns I reign that it generates more than 30 million dollars to the year in training, coaching, motivation, publicity, etc. In this book the account the details of how it made to be millionaire in spite of being very bad in the school, and shows with clarity the steps that we can follow for being like him. Very it is entertained and with many tricks and tips on: Generation of Entrance, Handling of Mutuales Bottoms, Action, like abrir new companies, businesses in Internet, and explains a little on the correct selection of action in stock-market.