Professional Education Committee

While she particularly enjoys working with horses that have lost the joy of dressage work, with the aim to reflect the joy of the work. David William de Wispelaere ( International Grand Prix riders, instructors and trainers in Aachen. David de Wispelaere, works his horses in the solution phase forwards down (Dehungshaltung), because it has an important task in the entire training. The back as a bridge and link between active hindquarters and the always easier as forehand, can take pain free and loose the rider. Through this solution phase the back muscles to build up, so that the horse still powerful and elastic can move.Located very close to the heart in the joyful cooperation of the horse. Fritz Weiss) Sacha in 5.Generation, former military and Equestrian, Chairman of the Professional Education Committee of the Saddlery trade and Vice President of the German trade of SADDLER.

Fritz Weiss is a sought after lecturer: he knows exactly the horse scene and their problems. A longtime friendship links him with Desmond O’Brien, the former maker and SADDLER of the Viennese riding. Both are Sattler of passion and love for the horse. Gert Schwabl by Gordon state-certified instructors FN and instructor, 1.Vorsitzender of the Forderkreis ‘ for classical riding lesson (riding club Nurnberg E.v.) and a pupil of Walter Schwabl, was the officer and instructor at the famous cavalry school in Hanover. He is one of the few that really extensively and accurately can answer any question in the field of training of the horse. Through the right train the horse to abundance and beauty to take and stay long healthy, according to the classical horse riding lesson. With this claim has a team of experts from the equestrian teamed up to with the horseback riding seminars in addition to the riding lessons, horse and rider to work with the horse support. Just the serenity of Los is an important foundation that should not be skipped. That is why this point of the training scale is the start of our seminar series. A horse that is physically relaxed, let go of the back, so this comes to vibrate and the rider can sit loosely and comfortably. Positive result: the back muscles can be used to move away and gaining wealth.