Raw Reality

We are told that neoliberalism is the champion of democratic values. And understanding this that the media are the most independent of all doubt. In this hour we’re questioning all this. First one arrow to see the harsh reality of the street that US slaps with crudeness and fatiguing for our noses like persistent flu; but otherwise the most average of society indicate the idyllic world that we live in, and even some may believe that we only criticize, we surely do it by itching of misfits. Whoever believes this is caught in the maelstrom of the more average that they have caught your mind and they have done a docile instrument of manipulation.

I would say that, but how to test it. We’ll tell them an example that embodies everything this and clarifies our thesis that we hold that the reality is different than paint us media.It happens that in Santiago de Chuco, prior to implementation of the together programme, which through this program is delivered as an incentive to young mothers the negligible amount of hundred nuevos soles, with the purpose of leaving statistics in the quartile of the poor ends. Well a statistical problem that we placed in the queue in terms of developing countries has been resolved, but that has not been generated is development if not dependent consumerism and there is the problem of the State that is generating in successive generations philanthropic dependence; but this attention from the basic sectors makes it only for statistics because such as health and education budget has been declining in every year, we believe that in order to make them a sector more profitable to the private sector, so that checking social security in health sector will come out, in order to collapse it and then hand it over to the private sector to continue accumulating its capital and opening more the gap between rich and poor.But his vision of privatization in the health sector, has faced stiff resistance, by having a well strengthened classist Union, that has not happened in the sector education in which the hands of leaders its winds have been of conciliation and the of merit granjerias to make them is not removed the prebends of the Magisterial shedder that is petty cash of the leaders of Patria Roja.