Readers Choice

There was much movement in the favour of the readers have been announced the winner of the reader’s choice for 2008. In ten categories, both manufacturers, mobile phones and wireless service provider have made the voting of the readers of In the premium categories \”Best producer\”, \”Best operator\” Nokia and T-Mobile have secured last year the place in the sun itself. Compared to the previous year, readers have properly messed up rolled the ranking. With a few votes difference to last year’s winner was Sony Ericsson as \”Manufacturer of the year\” enforce manufacturer of the year Nokia.

Samsung, Apple and HTC follow in the favour of the readers on the other courses. Sony Ericsson has lost completely the comfortable margin in 2007 thus. Operator of the year at the operators gave it large shifts in the standings compared to the previous year. While 2007 O2 could make the race ahead of T-Mobile and E-Plus, a completely different picture shows 2008: every second participant chose T-Mobile as best operator, ranked two follows before O2 Vodafone and E-plus. Service provider of the year at the service providers has not much done in the standings. With large distance in front of the phone House Debitel could secure again one place. Especially the reputation of the mark might have helped the provider the voting.

Last year’s winner Fonic and the previous third Congstar discounter of the year at the discount store have swapped places. The Telekom subsidiary brand, Congstar is for those unfamiliar with the discounter of the year, continues to be ranked for two Simyo. Fonic could reach 2008 only the third rank. Newcomer of the year while the reader a manufacturer have awarded in 2007 with Apple as newcomer of the year, is 2008 a technology prevailed: the touch screen technology is seen by many readers not only as technical innovation, but also as the biggest trend of the year.