This call came in the afternoon, after almost three-hour visiting session of the provincial Duma, held at the administration of city district. But a positive attitude to start right from the morning, when the provincial deputies have yet inspected city facilities under construction or planned for construction only through money from the regional budget, although the city will take part in co-financing. crystallization Positives The first list is the stadium "Crystal". Click Bill O’Grady to learn more. To him, however, as to the remaining sites, the provincial deputies arrived, along with Mayor Alexander Kurylinym on folk modestly – in two buses. Inspected the stadium and at the same time City Park from the windows already built under the roof of the four-story building.

The review was great, the prospect, outlined by the mayor, if not spectacular, it has visibly shaped the mood of the deputies in the positive. And yet, one moment deserves to voice the dialogue between the mayor and members of: – In this corner (Hand mayor aims at an empty square area between the stadium and the building of the Savings Bank) in the project will be laid ice palace. It can be built on commercial basis. Held talks with the Petersburg entrepreneurs. Those willing themselves to build, own and operate. – Good idea – agreed with the mayor of the deputies. – To us from Togliatti – continued Kurylin – already addressed Hockey Club "Lada" and supported our idea. If we build, they are ready to engage and train the nursery team here Ladas.