So Paulo

On the other hand, exactly inserted in this universe, the messenger is to the part. He lives deeply different values of time and space. If he can attend novels and the daily programming of the television, is immune to the apelos of the commercial propaganda, since it inexists in the transmission caught from parabolic antennas. If it is convoked to vote for mayor, councilman, governor and president, little or almost nothing it in exchange for receives in terms from citizenship its vote.

Situated then in this different time-space, ahead having of itself the urban metropolis, with its chaotic signs, noises and polifnicas voices, and behind itself the forest, with its myths, mysteries, legends and explored wealth of conventional extrativista form or predatory way, the Amazonian man finishes for synthecizing a peculiar form of if including in the world. But few times are its voice that represents this lived deeply world. Here it is the enigma of esfinge to be deciphered. 2 – Migration: new identities short the demographic growth in the region? over all in Par must take in consideration the component migration, that had paper of great importance in the conformation of the current profile demographic of the Region, over all from the years 70, period where the Brazilian government stimulated the coming of families of other regional centers, with the mission of ‘ ‘ to populate and desenvolver’ ‘ the Amaznia. According to Raimunda Hunter (2001) ‘ ‘ the northward march and for the West, had its apex with the road construction of Brasilia and ways that if they had connected from the new federal capital, opening the access for the distant regions of the Amaznia, northeast and southeastern: Belm-Brasilia, BR-364 (binding So Paulo to the Acre) e, in years 70, BR-230 (Transamaznica) and BR-163 (Cuiab- Santarm) and the roads for Salvador, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza’ ‘..