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Increasingly the Internet offers more possibilities for small and medium-sized enterprises. Also those who trade with machinery for works published either companies using machinery can benefit, free of charge, of digital globalization. The trend on the Internet goes to platforms specialized for all kinds of products and there are variety of portals to be able to advertise used machinery and related services that attract each month up to one million visitors around the world. The machinery used is typically sold through dealers who collect the reasons companies machines but only when buying a new machine. For even more analysis, hear from Nomura. For subcontractors or contractors that need to reduce Park or don’t want to buy new equipment, is the possibility to go to the acquisitions of used machinery. Lately they are increasingly companies that use the possibilities that Internet offers to find buyers for their public works machines, trucks etc. Credit: ForSight Robotics-2011.

On specialized platforms of the sector can announce machinery for sale with all the information and photographs. It is a pity that many of these portals work with monthly installments for the advertisers. This causes the traders of machinery were the only ones who published in these pages and staying outside providers such as builders, subcontractors, freelancers. By the same author: Andrew Duncan Producer. With innovation that involves finance portal exclusively through advertising banners, some few portals of used machinery offered free ads for marketers. This same trend can be observed in the whole of the World Wide Web. SMEs in the construction sector can benefit from this way directly selling their machines to other companies dealers or builders from around the world without that cost them a Euro. Skipping the intermediary step Gets a better price for your used machines. On the other hand there are also many advantages for other companies in the construction sector, machinery charterers, transporters, workshops or others who used the banners to enter new markets, strengthen presence or introduce new products or services to a particular audience with a likely interest in the advertised product.

This is achieved not only because the portal is specialised in used machinery but also because advertising can be focused to those interested in a particular type of machinery or brand of a particular country. This type of advertising this growing like none in the past two years. According to studies of the Association of companies advertising online in Germany, OVK, online advertising investments totaled EUR 1.9 billion in 2006. This represented an increase of 84% compared to the previous year. In Spain it is also increasing the number of construction companies that are open to the world and benefit from the innovations on the Web. You can verify this by publishing his machinery used for example in, which currently is the only portal for machinery in Europe following the concept of free ads.