Sri Lanka

However, the two hundred thousandth of the population Maldivians have been just enough to occupy only 202 of them, the rest – are uninhabited. This fact, incidentally, allows local authorities to develop a mass foreign tourism in the officially proclaimed policy "Avoid cultural conflict." This means that tourists have about 70 uninhabited islands earlier, where they can relax as they wish, in accordance with their national and cultural characteristics and habits without disturbing or shocking the local population, which in these unique "tourist reservations," almost none (with the exception of a limited contingent of personnel). On the other hand, tourists no one can prevent, and to familiarize themselves with the native life of organized special trips to the "Aboriginal" islands (eg, visiting a fishing village), as well as the capital of Male. Still coming to the Maldives, to avoid the notorious "cultural conflict", it is necessary to know something. For example, fans of "bring (or rather, to bring) and drink" to keep in mind that they arrived in a Muslim country, where the importation of alcoholic beverages prohibited. Consequently, all brought with them (never mind, vodka, wine or beer) will inevitably be taken away at the airport. I saw a pyramid of bottles seized by customs friendly Maldivian our countrymen. Friendliness does not interfere with customs to be quite adamant.

Exception, however, and it is limited – no more severe penalties for violators do not apply. Also taken away from you back at departure from the Maldives. Nevertheless total "prohibition" on the islands there. Otherwise, the Maldives would not come as tourists. There is even a drink can, but only in specially designated areas: in bars and restaurants located in the most "travel reservations." Here are just there to take away or sell, there are no shops where you can buy alcohol. Nor can we fail to note that alcohol in the Maldives is quite expensive, because all of it – imported. Of beer 0.33 liters (typically, Heineken and Lowenbrau) is worth $ 3-3.5 (U.S. dollars in the Maldives are taken freely, so that the currency should not be changed). Interestingly, the Maldivians themselves as devout Muslims is against the law to have even indirectly related to alcohol, for example, work bartenders. Therefore, most bartenders and waiters – the citizens of India or Sri Lanka.