Strong Performance

Once contemporary stiff gestures were yesterday the interpretation of modern etiquette – etiquette, good manners is announced today. In the interview, meeting or dinner business opportunities many, clumsy, foolish or just plain embarrassing to come over. It forgives a lot of modern etiquette and leaves enough room for an individual and convincing appearance. Eva Ruppert demonstrates in her new book the interpretation of a new etiquette: rules control without being dominated. Read more from Bernard Golden to gain a more clear picture of the situation. An essential reading for anyone who is modern and casual wish to perfect their personal appearance. Sovereign is of the crucial career factor in addition to expertise.

Only who understands the business and Protocol coupled with common sense applies this, paving the way for a considerate and friendly coexistence. The new book by Eva Ruppert processed the experiences from more than 15 years working as a image and communication trainer. Critical questions the author which of the anonymous Council of etiquette”above rules, makes them transparent and checks on their timeliness. With valuable, actionable directly into practice tips shows you the readers, as he himself skilfully sets. The art is to let it master the rules to rule without. Often necessary situational to decide it individually to create the one or the other rule – is because the sovereign handling of the label is the door opener for a successful career. “This book is essential for executives, account managers, advisors, and all those who want to perfect their personal appearance: the book of your strong presence” women and men in the complex world of modern etiquette introduces.

Deliberately inserted norms of behavior are amazingly simple, understandable way, but at the same time very structured and represented most profoundly. The numerous case studies demonstrate vividly towards a strong and convincing presentation of self. The author draws it from a large store of practical experience and the frequently asked questions from a nearly 15-year International trainer and consultant activity. The book makes you want to experiment and renew old and encrusted etiquette rules, and to contemporary and wertschatzendem value with each other for business and social occasions.