Undercover Agent

His first direct confrontation with police occurred in May 2000 at the Vall d’Uixo. He had chosen for this strike a discrete branch of a small population and late in the morning, when more money was out of the box. With the meticulousness that characterizes the time to execute their robberies, showed a broad knowledge of security measures and devices police roadblock but inexplicably made a mistake, or perhaps underestimated the risk of a bank office next dock to the local police station when I had the change of shift. When the bank’s silent alarm was initiated. Local Police, to be available twice police, who came and those who left the service, were mobilized immediately. At the same time the robber left the organization with money in hand he found himself facing four local police. The police swooped on starting an intense firefight, while the solitary fled from the fire of his pursuers not stop fire his handgun.

The shooting was so intense that one of the officers accidentally killed a teammate, the two policemen guarding the fire after cars parked on drums and stood up at the same time to continue with the fire and shot from behind in the poll front. This is one of the murders that even the media attributed to the undercover agent even when there is already a ruling against the local police and toxicology experts have ruled that the bullet that killed the agent come from the robber’s gun. In the race to your car the agent received some impact was absorbed by the bulletproof vest he carries under clothing.