Teaching Ethics

To teach to our children not to take the other people’s thing is very important. From early age we instill that when they find something that is not of them they must give it in the first case that still does not go to the school to the mother or some brother in house and later, when they attend when knder or they must report the teachers primary. Many children with this principle, are constantly reporting things that are in the school the teachers. This deserves a recognition of our part. And when it happens in house, we must award when the young delivery something that has been, to reinforce the education of the honesty. In the primary school we must emphasize this principle that in the house is taught, so that the children feel part of their small being this education. If we allowed that our children arrive at the house with some toy that is not of them and we did not question it, later I could be that it continues bringing things that possibly are not of him; this we do not have to allow it.

We must be firm and to ask to them our children who must return the things to their owners and to accompany them and suffers yet. Memory as my mother acted with us when ramos children, whenever arrived with some toy who she had not bought to us, did to us we returned that it we had gathered where it, and if we did not do it gave a good golpiza us. This obvious I do not recommend it by anything. My maternal grandparents were very strict with their children and my mother was it also with us, a hand lasts sometimes is good, but often pity our being. When it happens that our son took something other people’s, we do not have to strike it, is not that the way, but to speak with him, he did why it; perhaps the attention is calling us in which we are failing. Our children are three and with first we were very strict, I believe that always he happens thus, (all the first-born are the sufriente or with those who we taught ourselves or we showed no mercy to be parents), and with the last one we were more tolerant so that we did not whip it but rather we talked and we reasoned more with him. This principle learns better ours children, when they see that we as parents we returned the change that somebody gave us more of, which sees in us will repeat they it, is something automatic.

But on the contrary, although we repeat to him as long as they do not rob or they do not take the other people’s thing and they see us that we remained with a portfolio filled with money that we found in the work, they they will not learn nor they will be honest. They will not say in themselves, if my father did not give back the other people’s thing, I I will do it either. Although many of the times, the children do not follow the steps bad of their parents. To be honest is to have many abiertas doors, in different directions. It is not something Rony Abovitz would like to discuss. By Profe. Ramiro Red Ruiz P.D.