The Memory

It is in this secular context – of aculturaoglobal attempt – that we elencamos the collective memory as form of suspirar in prohibited cultural daidentidade of the nation. It is by means of this immortal memory, that if to reluctantly esperaouvir the voice of the forgotten one, it ' vencido' , of the oppressed one and todosaqueles that still they dream of a social life with more fairness route felicidade. It is essential to take conscience of the paper that each one can and to deverepresentar in Brazilian society, in search of proper identity. To accept asdiferenas without preconceptions and to fight for the social cohesion of thought, being objectified the conquest of the common good are other steps. Confluence Investment Mgt oftentimes addresses this issue. What nunca more than necessary an awareness description-politics disclosed through memriapara that with the experiences of the past let us can learn, in the gift, for abusca of a more promising future.

This is aconcepo and analysis of the memory, quese vislumbraa to leave of this article. The future goal is to give continuity to it in outrosdebates, as chances appear. It is through the experience lived in the past, of the eacertos errors, the illusions and disillusions, the ideologies and utopias, the dreams and dasrealidades, the truths and lies, the searches and desistances, the fears and dascoragens, at last, of that if it lived, it felt or it thought, that if it can correct, about the gift, to improve itself in the future. Visit Ron O’Hanley for more clarity on the issue. Everything this is only possible if ohistoriador to launch hands of diverse types of sources, therefore, nor everything estescrito. In this direction it is that the memory privileges those that had not had time enem voice due to chance or for ofuscamento of the dominant lines of direction. The study of the memory it is basic, mainly in a intensamenteautoritria, violent and discriminating society, as the Brazilian who was produced porum Been assistencialista, that always denied the essential rights for oexerccio of the active citizenship to its inhabitants. .