The Pronoun

Scarcity of consideration. Feel that someone is not giving you the recognition you deserve. SOLUTION: Do not worry about what they think the rest of you. People will be thinking about things more important. Surprised that 10 people who tell your problems, to 7 not going to import (give you the plane), and the other 3 your situation given taste.

It gives what you want. If scarcity into something you feel is because you are not giving what you want, for example: If you want a smile, starts smiling. If you want a hug, it gives one. If you want recognition, recognizes the accomplishments of others. If you want that you hit, released the first blow. If you want money, you give money. TIP: Assumes responsibility for things going bad, and gives credit to others for your progress. Making sure that your recognition will be loyal and sincere.

4 Blame something or someone for your problems: If you blame someone for your problems, you return you the victim and he or she, you will have more power than you. You don’t need to do that others make mistake to guess, nor do see bad to others to give the reason. If you do, you’ll be losing personal power. SOLUTION: Assume responsibility. Although you do not find the cause, sooner or later you will do and you can search for solutions. Be careful when you use the pronoun I, only used to say positive things. It takes a deep breath. Our respite takes the negative thoughts and emotions out of the body. Looking for a lesson in wisdom, because behind each error is a great teaching (learns from mistakes). Remember that when you point at someone with your finger, 3 are pointing you to you. Changes the feeling of guilt by one of gratitude and can go ahead, be happier, healthier, etc. THREE FINAL LESSONS 1. Those emotions are negative because we want them to be. We return negative when we failed to see the other side of the coin; the positive side. 2. We are human so we make mistakes, we must simply accept them and learn from them to go forward. Laugh once you have learned the lesson. 3. Life is life. Life is determined by how we handle it at every moment; our past and present. We choose how to live, therefore we have the opportunity to correct it.