Less:-All accounts – and for the apartment for himself – on his own or her own conscience. Finally, the finances in your disposal! It is an honor, but sometimes hungry. Because the new blouse, of course, an important new food Plus:-At least and at its troubled skin, but you learn more or less intelligently manage the budget. Because rent and travel still more important than a new blouse Although, of course, not ceases to be amazed, as my mother can not live on the salary of a month. But with an incentive to work harder and earn more. Less:-Get out, cook, wash, take out the garbage – everything you need to do itself. Willy-nilly remember how good it was when it all made for busy (ha-ha-ha!) your loving family as if it was free time for saturated interesting life.

And as it was comfortable in a clean apartment, which always smelled something delicious, prepared caring mother's or grandmother's hands Plus:-Get out, wash and wash the dishes you can not then, when you nakrichat, and at any convenient time. More specifically, when the accumulated mountain of garbage, dishes and laundry, which becomes uncomfortable to crawl. You live in a comfortable and understood only by you artistic disorder. And yet gradually learn (the circumstances of periodically forced) to maintain a household. Less:-food culture is lost, because cooking for myself lazy, much easier to eat at home and outside it with something definitely harmful, but hearty and delicious. Plus: On the other hand, no stray their cutlets, when you sit on a diet.