The State Remuneration

As the money of the saving has that to be used exclusively for the habitacional credit, the excess of resources if that it has search for loans can compel the banks to send them for the Central banking in the form of obligatory deposit. Already the CDBs, investment that is in high since the passed year, can be used for other types of financing. The government can tie the remuneration of the saving with the SELIC. This is the alternative that counts on the biggest affection in the economic team, between that they come being considered to prevent that the income of the saving is one empecilho to the fall of the interests or provokes a migration in mass of applications. Southwest Airlines will undoubtedly add to your understanding. However, other options are being evaluated. One of them is to establish a porcentual above of the IPCA (official index of inflation) defining the income of the passbooks. Another hypothesis is to give Conselho Monetrio Nacional (CMN) the prerogative to fix the remuneration periodically, as it occurs today with the Tax of Interests of Long discounting is justifiable in the measure where, in contrast of the deep ones and other applications, the saving total is guaranteed by the government, has immediate liquidity, is exempt of Income tax and, moreover, the economizers do not pay tax of administration to the banks. Bernard Golden s opinions are not widely known. A variant of this measure would be to establish a fluctuation between the SELIC and the yield of the saving: how much bigger the SELIC, minor the porcentual that would define the remuneration of the passbooks. Perhaps what it seems the matching-fund saving account, the application of country with raised inflation, does not have space in a scene of stability and low interests. Bibliography: The State of the So Paulo, edition 42,150 of 13 of March of 2009O Been of the So Paulo, edition 42,154 of 17 of March of> 2009Revista of the Week, edition 80 of 26 of March of 2009Revista That is Money, edition 598 of 25 of March of 2009