Titular Phamacist

We are the true professionals of the medicine and on this base, the opportunities mainly are in the benefit to our client-patients of services of health and well-being. Although the Pharmacies are first sanitary establishments, we do not have to forget that there are to be also profitable since but its continuity is untenable. , emphasizes Ignacio Falcon, Titular Phamacist of Pharmacy Park La Rioja – Logroo, and invited main rapporteur of this special tour. is to make enterprise management in each of our pharmacies without forgetting that we are sanitary establishments. In addition Concep and Global Services knows clearly that the management no longer is an option, but a necessity to improve the final yield. the present situation of crisis puts the capacity of the administration at issue to cover the pharmaceutical cost of the citizens.

Now than ever we must more rethink, redefine and reorganize our Offices of Pharmacy towards places where the client-patients go not only when they are ill, but when they want to improve its well-being and you take care of personnel, she adds to Ignacio Falcon. For that reason these companies will promote in each one of the cities to which they move the three philosophy of ps. Queremos that there where we go the phamacists who listen to us think that besides paying pharmaceutical attention to its patients, they must manage and lead a business, which implies to think, to prioritize and to plan. To think to have future vision, to prioritize to apply the best strategy of success and to plan to reach the determined objectives (control panel) , adds to Santiago Ruiz – Manager of Concep. On CONCEP: CONCEPARQUITECTURA Y DISEO FARMACIAS RENTABLES S.A. is a on sale dedicated company, provision and assembly of furniture and services of added value for Offices of Pharmacy, as well as the accomplishment of the civil work for those clients who wish a global project keys in hand. It is included within GHC Group, pharmaceutical group of capital made up of companies and businesses of diverse nature focused specifically to the Sector of the Pharmacy. Note to the journalists: For interviews, extension of information or request of images you do not doubt in contacting to us Maria Weaver Tfno: 91 657 42 81/667 022 566 Avenues of the Industry, 13. 1 Planta. The premises 20 28108 Alcobendas, Madrid original Author and source of the article.