Travel To London

In the literary field, this start of 2012 is being an authentic past. There is not time for books to my new poems (nobody safe) now joins the journal of the trip to London, Vitalie Rimbaud, one of the Sisters of Arthur Rimbaud, exquisitely, as all their books on the other hand, edited by Ediciones Baile del Sol. Bernard Golden s opinions are not widely known. This project began to take shape a few years ago, when I was at Charleville, before the tomb of the cursed poet par excellence. At his side, rested his sister Vitalie, who died at age 17. Then, in Paris, I made a RAID by the post of the bouquinistas, on the banks of the Seine, in search of everything they could find about Rimbaud.

And I found, among other books, this journal of his sister, written when she was 16 years old, during a travel to London that made to London in the company of his mother, for bail to Arthur, who was then the was happening really whores, as befits any damn poet who prides in such. Learn more about this with clayton morris. I then got in touch with my friend Dagmar Buchholz, which had already worked on the translation of Afortunada me, Denise Duhamel, and I proposed him to collaborate with me in the translation of the official journal, something to which she, always generous, agreed with pleasure. Once the translation is made, it occurred to me sending them various fragments of the journal to a number of artists, some to those who already knew and others to those who do not, giving them total creative freedom. I have to say, and thank, that all they agreed generously their names, in the order they appear in the book, are: Ana Cibeira (author as well as the cover illustration), Julia D. Velazquez, Monica Barrueco Franco, Maika Campos Rodriguez, Irina Javega, Juan Falcon, Pablo Gallo, Gsus Bonilla, Mirella Martinez Almagro, David Gil, Ana Franco, Natalia Mirapeix (Jan)Crespo Rivera, Silver Larrosa, tarantella (Laura), Francisco Javier Flores Castillero, Esteban Gutierrez Gomez (Bacovicious), Miguel angel Martin, angel Gonzalez, Arturo Mendez Cons, Velpister, tone Benavides and myself, with a photograph that I took in the Rimbaud Museum, in Charleville. Note for illustrators: postal addresses of almost all of them already the dance of the Sun editor, has them so I guess that they Iran you reaching your copies. And I say almost, because I like between whistles and flutes have spent nearly 3 years, in that time I lost mails from Maika Campos Rodriguez, Irina Javega, Mirella Martinez Almagro, tarantella (Laura) and Francisco Javier Flores Castillero, although I do not desistire until you can put me in touch with them or them with me if you read this post.