Washing Machine

You bought a new washing machine? Or did you move? Or moved only a machine? From the kitchen to the bathroom? or vice versa? In this lesson, let's try together with you some of these problems resolved. No one will argue with the fact that the boots should cobbler stitch, injections do – nurse, house build – builders, and home appliances to connect and serve – service representative. But the world is not perfect, and this must be considered. Therefore, the cobbler is sometimes necessary build a house, a nurse – to stick the soles, and every one of us – to engage in the connected home devices. By law the most complicated procedure in this case is the installation and connection of the washing machine. Since in this case we have three process connections on one thing: we need to ensure that the washing machine with electricity, water and the ability to drain. As a rule, in the instructions accompanying the appliance, there is always information on self-installation and connection device, so read the instructions will never be over. Dismantling the shipping details of the box the washing machine to remove the shipping details providing a rigid mount the tank and rotating elements of the washing machine.

After the carriage of loose elements may damage the machine. Shipping details are the screws ( most cases, three of them), clamps, bars. The inclusion of cars with no details of the transportation will exit the machine out of order. Bolts are the main shipping details.