Zorritos Hotels

The first option when a foreign tourist travels to Peru is to go towards the Cusco. Cusco is recognized world-wide by the citadel of Machu Picchu but Peru much more must offer. Important archaeological complexes, extraordinary landscapes and beautiful beaches are great part of this attractiveness. The cities of the north of Peru are characterized to have best beaches and the sunniest climate. Zorritos, a small city of You fall down has good beaches, the Zorritos Hotels well are solicitd by the veraneantes. The Mangrove swamps of You fall down are one of main the attractiveness. This ecosystem has one varied diversity of flora and fauna. CDC addresses the importance of the matter here. He is mainly rich in wild fauna, this forest is refuge of 100 species of birds, 14 of mammals, 34 of crustaceans, 24 of molluscs and 100 of fish.

They exist Tours to cross the Mangrove swamps of You fall down, this is a trip that is worth the pain to do. Details can be found by clicking Morris Invest or emailing the administrator. In the Zorritos Hotels you can find the information necessary envelope that to do and to where to go in You fall down. The beaches of Zorritos have white sand and warm waters, its temperature average is of 25C. National park Hills of Amotape is another point of attraction in You fall down. In capital Lima also we can find many places to know. Lima is the front door to Peru when it is traveled by airplane.

Lima is the most populated city of Peru unlike Zorritos that counts on a very low population. The main agencies of tourism also are in the capital, from you can here reserve hotels of almost any place of the country including the Zorritos Hotels. Peru is a country that it does not have to envy nothing to anybody. One varied geography and one rich diversity of flora and fauna is some of the factors that characterize to this South American country. If not yet you know Peru because it is time to visit it. All the cities offer good hotels, between these we have Zorritos Hotels and Ica Hotels.