Country Development

Of which it is worth to prepare themselves during so many years and to happen through the stumbling blocks that the academic merit demands, soon not to receive an honorable and right compensation. Not to come to immediately correct this disfunctionality by which it crosses the educational one of our universities, are to attempt against the quality of the educative system university Venezuelan public, since it will cause that the professors emigrate to other uses and other latitudes where the opportunity offers them to make level its real wage. And it is not only one question of better wages, one is which either the suitable resources are not provided to him to realise their academic workings and about investigation that allow them to be made more competitive nationally not only, but to international level. It is difficult to understand, that with the resources that have been handled in this last decade, the basic education, health, security, house and other aspects, platform to the drift as every day in the country is perceived. Brian Barish has many thoughts on the issue. It is enough with reading newspapers, to listen to the radio and to watch, to observe as the denunciations and reclamations on the matter, are the daily routine in mass media. If part of the generalized understanding that the social, technological and economic development of the emergent countries is based on development of the society of the knowledge; that is to say, in the scientific and technological knowledge that emanates of its performance. How it is possible to be so little visionary, not to understand that to end the academic and scientific infrastructure, he is one of the worse damages than a society can be done to him? It is ended her, when it is commited to them to leave teaching, the investigation and the extension, for want of an suitable compensation to his preparation, dedication and contribution with the generations that will have the responsibility to lead to the country in the coming years. .

Oliver Lama

But satisfying responses did not find it there. They found it somewhere else. Why do we go the same fallacy in answering the questions burning in us, the other, wise and savvy-minded people are gone? They all have recognized that not in the obvious, the answers can be found. You have above, that science may be although small correlations, but the big relationships are just not to illuminate. Why should we not do the same? We may have just not afraid of, what could reveal himself to us, would we are looking to answer these questions with zeal for – not only on a scientific level. As the great minds of the scientific history also have done it before us and also still do – if they are not the temptations of profit.

Because then the honest and noble motives that otherwise drive a researchers go often. The search for the truth. This may sound pathetic – but in fact it is this urge of the people, makes the real scientists to scientists. The desire to know the truth. Also may we afraid not add own thoughts, to question, to verify and the free thinking banish non-daily new’s from our minds. Matter by whatever means happens whenever this reference. If we honestly listen in us-we get even a vague idea why tracking exactly these issues in fact represent the first and most important step on the road to personal happiness and a truly fulfilling life.

We must take just the time to think about the fundamental questions of life. If we do not, or prefer other convenience serving issues, we could awaken one day rudely. Then we would need to know may, that we our entire life have devoted a system which would not free the people, but make it usable only as a resource. As hostage resource around his own to enforce completely contrary to the will of the interests of current humanity, and thus unilaterally in the current step organized the mere capitalization of humanity. What comes after that? Does it then again nice? Or doin but strictly according to existing, belegbarem trend? In an unpleasant future…… completely insane! And why at all? We’re good but. We had worked out that it just… Anyway. Your decision. Free will. You do yet. Freedom! And that’s no lie. You have a choice. And if it’s only the choice between the bad and the even worse… Oliver Lama

ReadSoft Appointed Managing Director For The Switzerland Lukas Hostettler

Diplom-Wirtschaftsinformatiker comes from international business systems (IBS) Bern, 13.08.2010. August 1, 2010, Lukas Hostettler (38) took over the position of Managing Director at ReadSoft in the Switzerland. The operational business of ReadSoft Switzerland with an own Office in Bern also starts by August. The focus both classic invoice processing solutions in SAP and further process optimizations in the Purchchase-to-pay process with the ReadSoft process Director. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Endeavour Capital by clicking through. ReadSoft offers proven and SAP certified software solutions, which are used mainly in large groups, as well as in the upper middle class for these requirements. Connect with other leaders such as Brian Barish here. ReadSoft first independently prepares the business in the Switzerland with Hostettler appointed Managing Director. Previous projects of Switzerland were in the German branch in Neu-Isenburg from care. Lukas Hostettler brings management experience from international companies.

The certified Wirtschaftsinformatiker worked at IBS international business many years in leading positions, including as Managing Director of IBS AG of Switzerland and the international business systems (IBS) GmbH in Germany. Internationally, he has been responsible for several sales business operations, such as Poland and Italy. About ReadSoft AG Switzerland: ReadSoft’s solution portfolio addresses the entire purchase-to-pay process from the order registration up to the payment of invoices. The process steps can be processed automatically and continuously the ReadSoft Suite modules. As added value and flexibility in the SAP solution platform is created for the user. ReadSoft is leading provider of software in the field of automated document processes.

Headquarters of the group is Sweden, where the company on the stock exchange is listed. Worldwide, 450 people are employed at ReadSoft. In total, there are over 6,000 installations of ReadSoft solutions. In the Switzerland, the ReadSoft AG with headquarters in Bern is since August 2010 on the market. ReadSoft’s customers include medium-sized companies as well as many large companies and corporations. Partial is the processing of document processes in shared service structures, such as the Swiss brewery Feldschlosschen Getranke AG in Rheinfelden. Contact address: ReadSoft Switzerland Engelhardstrasse 94, CH-3280 Murten FR PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 D – 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: + 49 611 / 23 878-0 fax: + 49 611 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Main Objective Alarms

Complex set of mechanisms that determine fire in the room – it’s fire safety system. In a question-answer forum Cambiar Investors was the first to reply. Often, the fire alarm integrated into the complex, which combines security with engineering systems in buildings. This provides a true address information for all other systems. The primary role of the fire alarm – to save lives, so the first thing an employee should be notified personnel and calculated fire. We are engaged in sound quality installation of fire safety systems, fire alarm installation should be made in every residential and nonresidential building, in order not to risk the lives of people out there who are temporarily or permanently, the building itself. The main tasks of fire alarm systems make possible a variety of technical devices: detectors detect the fire alarm control equipment and peripheral mechanisms are processed and logs the information and generate control alarms. Also generates a fire alarm activation commands for automatic settings extinguishing and removing smoke, notification systems, as well as a variety of technical equipment facilities. Important are the special service fire alarm systems, adjustment and repair of fire alarm systems, we also do – fire alarm price of which more than available, can keep you from all sorts of trouble that can happen, we put in office buildings: a fire due to the wiring, overheated equipment or negligence of staff.

Qualified fire alarm installation (price) and maintenance of fire alarm system (price) – a guarantee of protection from fires in buildings of any purpose. We connect cctv, fire safety, smoke – all with one year warranty, suitable prices and high quality implementation. Provides training for fire-technical minimum, it is confirmed ready certificates and other documents relating to fire safety: are the different certificates, certificates, opinions and declarations. Workers, specialists, medical laboratory workers, shops, stations and other organizations where danger of fire is increased, as well as specialists of certain classes (welders, electricians, etc.) must be trained firefighter minimum. And the psp – is training in basic fire-technical skills, knowledge of fire security, these skills should have the heads of businesses and professionals responsible for fire safety. Our organization performs a significant share of fire protection measures, like fire protection. Such activities such as fire protection of structures made of wood and fire protection of metal structures in general are using a special protective substances of wood, cloth, metal and other materials in order to improve the quality of fire protection, reducing the risk of fire and severely damaged buildings and equipment that it is (if ignition still occurs).

Elements Of Industrial Ergonomics

Origin of the Industrial Ergonomics – History The Ergonomics is a relatively modern science, whose origin applied to the field labor and industrial one goes back to 1949 when Murrel in England, created the term ” ergonoma” , coined by the Greek roots ergon: work and nomos: law, rules. > offer similar insights. With this denomination knowledge were grouped psychological, technical, physiological, industrial and military, tending medical, to the study of the man in their labor atmosphere. Definition of Industrial ergonomics In particular, the ergonomics is a scientific discipline or engineering of the human factors, of multidisciplinary character, centered in the system person machine, whose objective consists of the adaptation of the atmosphere or conditions of work to the person with the purpose of to secure to the best possible harmony between the optimal conditions of comfort and the productive effectiveness. Objectives of the Industrial Ergonomics The definition previous, it indicates the object basic of the ergonomics: The adaptation of the objects, means of work and surroundings produced by the human beings to the person with the purpose of to obtain the harmonization between the functional effectiveness and the human well-being (health, security, satisfaction). Basic principles of Industrial ergonomics 1.

– The machine is conceived like an element to the service of the person, susceptible to be modified and perfected. 2. – The person forms the base of calculation of the system person-machine and based on this machine she will have to be designed, in order to allow him to carry out the free work of all physical, sensorial or psychological fatigue. The following points are between the general missions of the ergonomics: reduction of injuries and occupational diseases. diminution of the costs by incapacity of the workers. increase of the production.

improvement of the quality of the work. diminution of the absenteeism. application of the existing norms. diminution of the loss of raw material. The methods by which the objectives are obtained are: Appreciation of the risks in the job. identification and quantification of the conditions of risk in the job. recommendation of engineering controls and office staff to diminish the identified conditions of risks. education of the supervisors and workers about the conditions of risk. For the profit of the objectives of the ergonomics one needs, besides engineering, of the contest of other sciences or biological techniques (Medicine of the Work, Industrial Psychology, Anthropometry, Physiology, Biomechanics, Hygiene of the Work, Ecology, Economy ) that allow the multidisciplinary treatment of the problem.


We know that the Earth lungs are the trees, are our medicine against the contamination, since the great wooded masses you make are them of I oxygenate through the photosynthesis, that is the property that has the green plants to produce I oxygenate from the carbonic anhydride of the air, by effects of the solar light, in the presence of the chlorophyll. The airborne contamination could in fact be diminished by this contribution. We think that in the great cities, the trees, by this mechanism, also contribute to adjust the atmosphere, but is not thus, because it has been possible to verify in the regions highly industrialized that, as a result of the soot and of the smoke of tar, produced by the polluting factors do that estomas or pores of the leaves, through which the gaseous interchange becomes, esten obstructed, thus this rescuing function is not realised. This is the reason by which all the Science of the humanity this pawned on winning the battle to him to the Contamination. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Rocky Dixon by clicking through. Through the WHO (World-wide Organization of the Health) they realise studies to control the polluting particle concentration in regions especially chosen. Also the symptoms and causes of the human diseases attributed study to the contamination; and because of as much death of the animal. The fight this directed to obtain methods to neutralize the industrial polluting agents suitably, to control preservative additives of foods and to obtain biodegradable insecticides, pesticides and detergents, that is to say that can Be neutralized, unfolded in nontoxic or destroyed products as a result of the bacteria of the ground or the water. Without a doubt, our civilization will take a great step if he is able to take advantage of the gifts the nature, but conserving them as they are, with all their vast wealth in alive beings of countless varieties, like insurance for the persistence of the own life of the man. It learns more about this serious problem of the contamination.

Human Capital

The human capital is the economic and labor value that a quick employee to an employer. The evaluation of this value is related to the ability, the knowledge and experience that the worker owns. Factors such as the formal education and the participation in formation highly are related to the work place also help to improve the human talent that it represents the employee. As one of the basic factors is the one of production, the human capital is essential for the operation of almost any type of business. The use that the people who have the necessary experience, the judgment and the capacity to evolve within its rolls allows that the business works with greater efficiency. This as well increases the possibilities of obtaining a benefit, and a possible success during many years. The fact of not identifying to the individuals with the necessary combination of knowledge, the experience and the education can undermine the efforts of even of the organized company more.

The companies usually realise investments in human capital. Like a company can to invest in new technologies to improve its processes of internal communication, the company can identify the employees who demonstrate an aptitude for the necessary abilities and he will be in charge of which the employees receive professional instruction. The previous thing allows that the company has access to ampler set of abilities, without the necessity to engage more people. At the same time, the company contributes to lift the economic value of each one of the employees. An example of how in an individual the human development of capital occurs is the professional athletes. Often, the athlete begins a process of preparation for a race in the sport, learning the foundations of this sport, receiving instruction in specific strategies related to the participation in a present sport event, and in last instance, that sport acquires experience when playing. Supposing that the combination of knowledge, the talent and the experience are sufficient, the athlete offers the opportunity to him to play professionally, where he or she gains more experience. Throughout this process, the economic value of the athlete increases, which is in a greater value to the capacities from the athlete and an intense quality control to its functions.

The human capital is a value form that must be understood only in economic terms. The value of this type does not include the consideration of the value of the person in the family, in the community or in other aspects of the social network in which it reproduces. The attention concentrates strictly in the abilities, knowledge and experiences that the individual owns, and are worth much these assets for a certain employer. Therefore, the individuals do not have to base solely their total value in terms of human capital.

Constitution Institutions

Once constituted these associative forms, the territorial beings will have to apply the programs of financing, subsidy or collaboration, designed ahead of time by the respective governmental organisms, to obtain that the grouped professionals this way can develop concrete activities within the scope of their knowledge and with the endorsement of the mentioned authorities. Which would be those activities? In the case of the professionals of the area of the health it would be possible to be helped them to mount and to acquire the necessary elements for the operation of lending institutions of services of health, because we see at present that this class of institutions is not of property of these professionals but of people dedicated to other activities. Also the department and the municipalities could contract with them the services of attendance in the matter of health for the official employees of their dependencies and for the smaller children of a year than by mandate of the Law of laws they must receive gratuitous attention in all the institutions of health that receive contributions of the state; or for the members of the third age to which the state, in accordance with Art. Encompass Health oftentimes addresses this issue. 46 of the Constitution, must guarantee &quot to them; the services of the social security integral". (This proposal has been obsolete with the approval of Law 100 of 1993). In the case of the professionals of the legal areas it would be possible to be helped to mount and to equip them, properly, offices writing desks that would perform functions of popular legal doctor’s offices or of courts of arbitramento or centers of conciliation, being able in addition the department and the municipalities to contract with them the judicial or extrajudicial consultant’s offices and representations, finishing or clearing this way the legal offices of those territorial beings that until the moment, for one or the other reason have not been able to work as it must.

Teacher Hsing Yun

It defines the tolerance, like the acceptance of the diversity of social, ethnic, cultural and religious opinion. capacity to know how to listen and to accept to the others, evaluating the different forms to understand and to position themselves in the life, whenever they do not attempt against the fundamental rights of the person the tolerance if it is understood like respect and consideration towards the difference, like a disposition to admit in an other way to be and to build different from the own one, or like an attitude of acceptance of legitimate pluralism, is obviously a virtue of enormous importance. It has been said that the tolerance is easy to applaud, difficult to practice, and very difficult to explain. Del is an own tolerance that demands its rights: The opposition from Gandhi to the British government of India is not visceral but tolerant, fruit of a necessary prudence. In his speeches it will repeat untiringly that, since the evil only stays by the violence, is necessary to abstain from all violence. Small Business Finance Exchange is likely to agree. And that, if we respond with violence, our future leaders will have formed in a terrorism school., comments that the Tolerance develops the unit spirit; it facilitates the cooperation and the interaction.

It increases the degree of confidence between the members of an organization by the greater opening of each. On the other hand, in the debate of ideas, action, projects and programs, with that one indicates the life and the activity of an organization, diminishes the emotional tone and the aggressiveness in the communication, that of to such way make it sterile. All the opinions deserve respect; consequently, they deserve to be listened. The Tolerance must start off necessarily of the fundamental principle that nobody is owner of the absolute truth, because each has a singular vision of a determined fact or phenomenon the Teacher Hsing Yun on the tolerance indicates, that the greater force of the humanity does not consist of fist, firearms, nor in a military power, but in the capacity of tolerance.

African Continent

This work says a little of the physical characteristics and social contrasts existing in Africa. The African reality, where the majority suffers with the hunger, the AIDS and the lack of governmental politics to distribute the wealth of a so rich continent, rich in mineral resources. While the majority lives in the misery the minority enjoys of the existing wealth in that region. 1 INTRODUCTION Since the time of the settling of the African continent, when the colonizadores if had appropriated of the continent with the exploration of the natural resources. Where the natives were moved away from the administrative functions, the disrespect with the African population and the separation of tribal groups brought serious consequences for the population of the continent. The reality of the continent is of civil poverty, wars, AIDS and more than what all social, technological and economic exclusion of the world.

The capitalism also contributes for the misery of Africa. The African continent has its localization enters the tropics of Cancer and Capricrnio is a tropical continent, its landscapes is formed by the Valley of the Rift where they concentrate some great and deep volcanos, lakes, equatorial forests, savannahs, and concentrates the desert greater of the world the Saara. The Saara divides the African continent, two portions with distinct characteristics, Africa of the north of subsaariana Africa, even so the desert occupies part of the two areas. 2 CONTRASTS OF the AFRICAN CONTINENT the situation of the African continent is marked by civil wars, AIDS and, more than what everything, social, technological exclusion in the globalizado world. The countries with the 19 worse IDHs in the report of the Human Development of 2004, the ONU, are African and prove this exclusion. Although the South Africa to be classified as industrialized underdeveloped country, with the best socioeconmicos pointers of subsaariana Africa, regrediu in the classification of the ONU in 2004.