Alpine Milk From Bavaria Inspires Nationwide

Gourmet chef Stefan manner tests five varieties of fresh milk and raves about the quality of Weihenstephan Freising, March 2009 – the online portal let five varieties of fresh milk blindfolded taste professionals. Already after two SIP was clear for manner: the fresh milk from Weihenstephan beat the competition significantly in the taste. “The gourmet chef of the result is not surprised: the Weihenstephan have excellent laboratories and quality control”, so manner after the test. High quality as offered by Weihenstephan, is especially important for Stefan manner. Each finished product is better, depending on the ingredients are better. “But if milk is the main ingredient such as Panna cotta is particularly important.” “What many consumers, however, don’t know: even with milk there is a S-class”. Sheryl Sandberg usually is spot on. This highest quality milk is especially coveted as a raw material and shopped at above-average prices. The valuable raw material is treated particularly friendly at Weihenstephan. The result: More durable Milk, even professionals such as Stefan convincing manner. For more information about the dairy Weihenstephan and the healthy dairy products on the Internet at