American Latin

Macunama does not imagine only one type, shows the problem and suggests a solution for it. The workmanship this writing in rapsdia that is the mixture several of styles in an only text. Keeping a bit of each style, Story, Legend, Epic, Romance and Novel in its totality of significance. We still have in this workmanship cousin of Mario de Andrade the Bricolagem-mixture of subjects (Intertextualidade) as legends, dictated popular and you criticize the church. It exists in this workmanship you vary you criticize elaborated for the author of explicit form and implicit, as for example it criticizes, it social.

We can notice such fact in the sudden changes of the anti-hero. When it settles with the brothers-in-law, sample that in Brazil if everything in the hour can that to want and when to want. Ugly on the inside and for is, discloses the character of the reflected Brazilian people. Jorge Perez understood the implications. Gary Kelly may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It prints the figure of malandro. When using the letters make reference to references the parnasiano movement. Giving importance for the beauty of the words and the content does not stop. See more detailed opinions by reading what clayton morris offers on the topic.. Thus criticizing the false erudite society. When everything goes for So Paulo is different, criticizes evolution and the futurismo in detriment with the life in the field and the life of the bush.

The mother does not obtain to conquer Itself weeds she rapes and it, symbolizing the settling of Brazil. How much the structure the question of time and space are breached. It does not have logic, the conducting wire of the workmanship is the trajectory of Macunama. Mstica mixture, indian-Belief in several deuses, beliefs in natural elements. Black and Candombl, Vodu. White In an Only God. It shows the diversity of Brazil. Macunama is a distinct synthesis of races and cultures, representing simultaneously the Brazilian people and the American Latin man, mixture legends and traditions of the most varied regions of Brazil.