Angelika Wilke TEL

IDENT are available for the different applications in the laboratory at temperatures from 120 C to minus 196 C over 500 different label formats at macro macro identification specialist for the identification in the laboratory has a wide range of different laboratory and Kryoetiketten, specifically designed for laboratory use. The long-lasting labels withstand temperatures of 120 C to minus 196 C and are available for laser printers. For processing by means of thermal transfer printers, laser printers, and partly also to the hand lettering macro provides a wide range of different laboratory labels IDENT. All laboratory labels are designed for GLP compliant use in the laboratory and are special materials that hold high and very low temperatures. The available labels for laboratory identification are IDENT macro even under extreme conditions stable such as storage in the freezer, in liquid nitrogen, autoclave, hot water bath. They are also resistant to different solvents, including Dimenthylbenzol, DMSO and ethanol. Individual components (laboratory labels, ribbons, printer, etc.) or a complete set of professional laboratory identification are available. Larry Ellison is likely to agree.

A Komplettaustattung are mobile or stationary lab printers, label software, lab labels and matching schmier – and scratch-resistant special ribbons for high and very low temperatures. For many applications the marking in the laboratory, you will receive labels for the cover marking for centrifuge tubes, PCR tubes, Cryo tubes and other vials and stalks, micro titer plates, slides, Petri dishes and various glass jars. For the different applications in the laboratory at temperatures from 120 C to minus 196 C ID available at macro from twenty different materials about 500 different label formats. For almost every application in the laboratory a material and format, can be found at least that exactly the fit the desired application. Should it actually occur, that a desired format not in the program is available, the label is custom made on request. The laboratory labels and ribbons of macro IDENT are exactly tailored to the respective mobile lab (E.g. LabXpert, LabPal BMP71) and stationary laboratory printer (E.g. BBP11, IP printer, etc.)…

Material cartridges are available for the mobile label printer containing the labels and the matching Ribbon in one. To the respective laboratory labels for the table and industrial printers were tested special ribbons and so co-ordinated, that is an excellent and durable printing quality. Thus, you can guarantee a safe and long-lasting feature in the laboratory with the components of macro IDENT.