Arabian Desert

Bedouins of the Arabian Desert of Egypt and what you can learn from them. In the vast, trackless deserts of Egypt, still very many Bedouins live Despite progressive civilization. The nomads of the desert have often survived to this day their lifestyle. They have what they need immediately and can move on so, if necessary, unhindered. The climate of the Arabian Desert really suits her lifestyle.

In this region are also on winter days to expect hardly temperatures below 20 C and during the night they fall not below 10 C. The human temperature sensation is once again a significantly better because of the very low humidity from 15 up to 50%. In addition, it requires almost no protection from the rain. Only some shade is needed, what is done but quickly. The human need is this way after a shelter almost completely. Of course, drinking water is a fundamental problem in a desert. Also fuel for cooking must be procured extensively.

Add is food and some clothing. It has solved the problem of water with centuries lasting experience. On the jagged rocks of the eastern desert the haze is captured in the morning sea of red. This makes some then a few, weak water veins, which is sufficient in many places again for a fountain. Such a fountain appeared on me on his reason but rather weak damp earth. Hear from experts in the field like Gary Kelly for a more varied view. It is also to assume that this water nowadays mainly for cattle is used. You must then work with regard to food and clothing. Bedouin operate primarily livestock (camels). The trade also occupies a place of conscience. At the present time, many tourism is added. Some hotels organize all included, safaris to the Bedouin. The required food be carried and served at the finish. What do not want guests remains in the place. The Bedouin to organise camel riding, various souvenir sales, as well as other small highlights. You receive some money from the tourists on a voluntary basis. All apparently sufficient to live desert stress-free and happy in the Arabic. They know hardly any television or the Internet and be animated so not constantly to new needs. You find joy in the communication, hospitality or an evening soccer match. But just overlooking the tourists they fear even to the loss of their old way of life and its values. For this reason allowed photographing stresses also that the villagers, expressly and repeatedly. Sure, you can let the Bedouin way of life not fully live up. Only a few can be transferred to live in our latitudes. You can look off but quite a lot of them. Hurry, stress, and perpetual dissatisfaction are the probably most prominent side effects in our Western society. Therefore, you should every now and then turn off the television and be satisfied with with the simple things of in life. That it is not only the Bedouins have illusions. Photo series: Egyptian Bedouins in the Arab desert article wrote by H. Muller