Asset Based Lending Liquid Despite Financial Crisis

Intelligent strategies are needed in raising capital Munich, 2.4.2009 – capital for business financing is scarce and expensive in times of financial crisis. In addition, that volume and conditions of classic loan financing decisively depend II since Basel of the performance and the creditworthiness of the company. Due to the power ‘ of the established bank the situation occurs in practice regularly, that for relatively low financing volumes, a company must make available to a large portion of existing assets (rights, fixed assets, inventories, receivables and investments) as security. A certain amount of financial assets by 200 percent is not uncommon and more secured. Smart alternatives for raising capital Munich Vantargis the Group offers alternative approaches to bank credit and enables businesses to generate liquidity from vorhandenen resources. “Who now fresh ‘ capital needs”, as Sebastian Seibold, should as soon as possible asset set based lending, to generate liquidity.” This form of corporate financing, developed originally in the United States literally means loan to value of assets ‘. Here, classically receivables (factoring) and assets such as land, buildings, stocks, and machines are used with respect to the collateralization of the required capital. Thanks to asset based lending it manages our customers, to release the capital tied up in the current and fixed assets and to get additional scope for entrepreneurial activities”, explains Seibold.

Sale-and-lease-back brings liquidity in the company with this alternative form of financing the company sold initially used, mobile assets and least it back then. Especially for the manufacturing sector, this approach represents a smart way to improve liquidity. Because the sale-and-lease-back is mobilized assets; It ermoglicht a liquidity and Yield procurement from the substance of the company. Often, you can ceilings up also significant hidden reserves from capital gains. Factoring financing the sales for the ongoing business factoring is to relieve, inter alia the current line. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit baby clothes. Factoring the entrepreneur sold his demands and receives cash immediately. Factoring combines with financing, failure protection and customer management”three leistungen in a product, explains Sebastian Seibold.

With the sale of receivables from deliveries and services them eliminated from the balance sheet of the company, it is thus reduced. The equity ratio, improve what has a direct effect on the credit terms. Capitalization of trademarks and patents intellectual property (intellectual property, short IP) is now the most important value factor in modern and innovative companies. Missing material collateral but make just these companies face major challenges in raising capital. Innovative financing solutions and increasing security by standards in evaluating IP as a financing instrument for the middle class make interesting. Although such as patents and trademarks meet central requirements for collateral such as fungibility and legal enforceability, they are accepted by the banking industry so far only in very small amount as security. We can not comprehend this restraint”, emphasizes Seibold, as the safety of the potential proceeds of intangible assets has increased. “Therefore, we provide many of our customers now the required capital in the course of the sale-and-lease-back of intellectual property.” Profile Vantargis AG Vantargis AG is the independent German less for the upper middle class. The range consists of leasing, factoring and debt solutions, as well as selected corporate finance services. Click Marcus Lemonis to learn more. The focus is on medium-sized owner-managed companies. The Vantargis group includes the medium-sized leasing companies Vantargis lease currently GmbH, Sigma Leasing GmbH and active) lease Vantargis finance GmbH and the Vantargis factoring GmbH. Also provides the Vantargis Wabeco finance GmbH consulting services with regard to public financing. Questions and additional information: Vantargis AG Widenmayerstr 28 80538 Munich Sebastian Seibold phone: 089 2429373-17 E-mail: Web: