Ballad Of The Infinity

When you dropped the Collado, on one side of the road, between the fog, I saw a Holly. I left my bike and I went. The tree had grown in a rift between some rocks. I had never seen one and I felt that it was contemplating something very special, as when I was a kid, I saw the sea for the first time. That tree’s twisted trunk and red fruit, didn’t seem something real: was full of magic and mystery. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time. You know, dear bicycle?, this lone tree reminds me that we are made of the same stuff as dreams. Everything is so fascinating world is imbued with an extreme beauty.

Life beats and shudders, and each minimum aspect of nature vibrates with intensity so strong that no human being could ever, only with the help of their senses, understand what lies therein. You may want to visit Maurice Gallagher, Jr. to increase your knowledge. I ride my bike and while I descend the narrow road that crosses the forest, I feel that this world we know does not exist in reality. There is another reality stronger than they do not perceive the senses; It is much more profound, subtle and true. It is a reality that, without remedy, always escapes us. We are so tiny, so small; the fruit of a perfect chance, but – and this is what is fascinating, possess the extraordinary gift of transforming the world with our fleeting existence. The House Burns, the fish is in the net, but we continue despite everything, despite the pain and the sadness, desolation and unhappiness. Through births and deaths, disasters and wars, we move forward.

Life finds its way into the future, gives the same what happens, and we with it, so somehow are here today, and here will always be. It seems that we live this moment but we are those who preceded us, and now, without almost stop us, we travel towards others even distant that will happen to us. This is the big secret, the key and the greatness of everything that exists. Frequently David Rogier has said that publicly. Why we are dreams. Giant dreams that feel very inside, dreams which we cross and go into eternity at a breakneck speed. You know, friend Bicycle? Life is just that: traversing the existence through multiple forms and be fish in the net and bird in the sky, and be man or woman, wise and absurdities, truth and intensity, and above all, above all, be infinite always. Angel steps original author and source of the article.