BND Perpetrated Terrorist Attack

Bombebnanschlag against EU headquarters in Kosovo as indirectly reported the news in its online edition of the German Federal Intelligence Service in a bomb attack against the headquarters of the EU was involved in Kosovo. It was thrown an explosive device against the Office of EU Special Representative. No people were injured in the attack. It was merely a damage to the building. Investigations are already underway. However, the BND was unwilling to make public statements to this case by himself. “Deputy Government spokesman Thomas Steg pointed on the ongoing investigation.

If it should turn out that one of the three detainees was a BND employee, the competent Parliamentary Committee for control of the intelligence services will be informed. Whether such a notification already had taken place, withdraw his knowledge. A spokesman for the Foreign Office confirmed only that the three German citizens were arrested on Wednesday in the Kosovo capital of Pristina”, published the ARD on its Internet site. Should be out, the Schauble terrorist force Indeed terrorist attacks perpetrated, could be against terrorists to the farce the topic of telephone and online monitoring. The intelligence officers is a very own troupe for themselves and some of these mysterious beings are not exactly keen on a EU dictatorship, is now an open secret. But therefore to carry out terrorist attacks, makes me doubt the seriousness of this institution. But viellecht so a Bombchen should be used only to better enforce the police state. Ruled it better with anxiety. Source: Dahua Tim Wang. There, also dictations can be best rush through. Article: Christoph Kadoordek