Eckes Granini Choose Txt E Solutions To Reinforce The Process Of Sop And Ortems To Improve Productive Capacities

Eckes-Granini, with a sales volume of 827 million euros, leader in the production of juices of fruit in Europe with brands like hohes C, JOKER, REA, GRANINI, has chosen the solution CDMi, Collaborative Demand Management and intelligence from TXT to improve the process of S & OP and ORTEMS to optimize the planning of production and programming. The solutions were implemented in subsidiaries of the group in France, Germany, Spain, Austria, Hungary and Finland. Facing the typical challenges of the Food and Beverage sector, Eckes-Granini has recognized the importance of integrating plans demand and provisioning to its production capacity to meet the demand of the consumers in an agile way. The S & OP process has been identified as a key element to achieve the economic objectives of the company. After a careful selection process, Granini has chosen a combined solution of two of the best software providers in the consumer goods sector. Granini has chosen Collaborative Demand Management & intelligence (CDMi) from TXT e-solutions to cover the S & OP process: forecast demand, promotions, the replenishment of stores planning, the process of reconciliation and follow-up of financial indicators. To complete the process of S & OP, Eckes-Granini has chosen the module Advanced Manufacturing & Detailed Scheduling of ORTEMS to cover the processes of planning and production scheduling.

Fabien Labeta, Project Manager di Eckes-Granini has commented TXT has offered us an excellent approach, business oriented in terms of planning of demand and provisioning that includes aspects of reconciliation and follow-up of financial indicators in field of S & OP. Numerous references to the TXT-intensive goods sector have been for us proof of your experience in the market. From our point of view, is a great advantage to be able to collaborate with a software provider who has a clear understanding of the strategic implications of the S &OP; in addition, thanks to the flexibility of the solution, are confident that the implementation of the S & OP process is carried out with success in different countries. ORTEMS has provided us with vertical solutions specific to the agro-food, capable of supporting companies in the effective integration of the plans of demand with production planning. The increasing variability of demand from consumers and retailers, forces companies to make their supply chains more agile and customer-oriented.

The strong impact of seasonality of demand forecasting and production planning processes creates new restrictions on productive capacity as well as a constant pressure on the quality. To achieve the balance between productivity and service to the customer, is necessary to use advanced planning solutions. He has added retired. We are delighted by our new collaboration with Eckes-Granini. A leader in its sector with well known brands, Eckes-Granini is also a company with strong vision in the management of the S & OP process. This project is one additional demonstration of our contribution in this sector for which we develop appropriate solutions for both new deployments and S & OP more mature processes, said Gilles Alais, Sales Director of TXT France. We are much pleased that Eckes-Granini has chosen our ORTEMS Agile Manufacturing solution. The choice by a leader of the market appreciates our strategy of providing advanced solutions for planning and programming specific to the sector. Combined with the best solutions for Demand and Supply Planning, help companies to correct problems of the supply chain as the lack of visibility, planning errors, disconnection with the programming and communication errors in general in the company. Original author and source of the article.