Eye Face

The new game of puzzle of ” Eye & Eye” it is created for that they are interested generally in the games online that they require to make decisions in as the use is needed the logic and the strategic thought. The concept of this gratuitous game seems much to the principles and the rules of the billiards game. Echmos a brief look to the idea of this game of puzzle. Firstly you have a Control Panel that is necessary to manage aiming at your objectives. Your main goal is a located human face in center of the screen that is protected by different types from obstacles. In order to make each level for the player more difficult there are not only the static objects that are hiding our goal (for example the eyes of the square form) but also the dynamic objectives like the yellow faces that appears suddenly and go away. Whenever I touch the face, that one becomes from green color, later red, and finally it disappears of the screen completely.

When all the faces disappear, the screen is illuminated with the circles of colors. Your task is to think well and to invent the best way to reach the hidden face being bounced the ball to the equal as if you were playing billiards. How can be done it? It tries to use your imagination and it reflects carefully before firing because the number of your tests is limited according to the rules of the game. It remembers that always you can return to see the results of your previous levels. In case the number of remaining firings is equal to zero, reinitiates the level and returns to try it. The game works with the left button of the mouse. The game of puzzle of ” Eye & Eye will be attractive for the fans of billiards who wanted to practice the technique to put the ball without leaving apartment, and also for the players of games online that they like to solve the tasks of puzzle on the matter being based on the logic improving their aptitudes.