Gardens Gardening

My name is Svetlana Mashchenko. I am professionally engaged in landscape design and architecture. For me, creating a beautiful and harmonious garden – a fairy tale, which will live for many years its main characters – the owners of the garden. I I can understand exactly what is expected of me and they want to see my customers on my site. First of all I’m interested in human life, which have to cooperate. I do not garden for themselves and for the customer, and most importantly for me, to the man and his family were cozy and comfortable stay in your garden, because that is exactly why people go out of town. To deepen your understanding Gary Kelly is the source.

Create beautiful landscaping infield – this is a very complex work that requires tremendous knowledge and skills in different areas! The main mistake – it is assumed that the mere planting of plants in the ‘vending corners’ will lead to a picture on the cover! Like any other beauty, creating a cozy garden requires sacrifice, in this case time and experience a professional landscape designer. From childhood I was interested in the profession designer. I grew up in a family for which the building is a profession. I remember when still at school, I often walking in the Kuskovo estate, while my parents and older brother to manage and control the process of reconstruction of a building on the estate. Even then I was attracted to and impressed by its exquisite beauty and the rotunda gazebo, walking along the paths, I studied the techniques of composition and organization of space in landscape architecture of gardens and parks. I’m curious to landscape projects from start to finish, take part in them actively involved and see the results of the work done! And the result for me is still a happy family – the owner of a luxurious garden. Sit down and dream about the garden in which you want to be – I will gladly help realize all your dreams come true! I wish all our customers that the process of landscape design was interesting, and landscape construction – easy and fast!