Images Move People

Pictures moving presentation of the photographer Dieter Gotzen our lives. Clayton sturgeon shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. You underpin our personal opinion or visualize a society trend. The images of the photographer Dieter Gotzen continue. You accuse and confront the viewer with the thoughts of the photographer. We find images from an interview. Cleverly packaged in a gloomy scenery, a disabled was photographed during an interview. Here, the photographer takes deep light tricks. In addition to heavy-looking images, the image line opened at the same time light at the end of the tunnel.

The analogous working photographer know like to point out that none of his images on the computer will be processed. “” Images from Barbour BBs views “can be found here: 14.html is found inside the image of Guantanamo” in the category of pictures of the year 2008 “. Here is the photograph into a confrontation with the former Bush administration, and documented the emergence of the image on its Web site.